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Behind the scenes – in studio with DJ Pain 1 working on new track

Check out this snippet of video I took of me in the studio with my hommie, certified Gold Producer DJ Pain 1, as we work on a track for my new album “Sellout”

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Rip – Live DJ Set & Interview on 91.7 WSUM (Madison, WI)

I wanted to take a minute to clear up some possible misconceptions that some people may have got while tuning in to my interview on 91.7 WSUM in Madison, WI on Monday night. I was asked to explain the name of my album “Sellout”….and I did…the best I could on the spot. Although I have my personal reasons as to why I named it that…I never really took the time to sit there and figure out how I would explain it thoroughly in a situation like Monday. Some people got the wrong impression on how I was explaining my reasoning. For those who tuned you…you will be able to understand what I am about to explain given my explanation on air Monday. I explained how one of my motives with this album was to start making money from my craft….YES. However, not for all the wrong reasons. I personally believe money is the root of all evil. Things that are important to me are God, Family and Love. I feel happy and succesful in life now, so whether I ever make millions of dollars or not…that isn’t an issue to me. I don’t NEED to make millions so I can buy a bunch of luxury cars…have a huge mansion…or trick it off on stuff like jewelry and women and all that other dumb stuff. What everyone doesn’t know is that I started this music journey over a decade ago. In the past decade I have invested and sacrificed sooo much. Money…time…missed time with loved ones. Heck… I even lost a few good girls along the way because I always put my career first. I don’t ever think any amount of money will ever be able to make up for those lost opportunities and time, but I’m at the point in my life and career where I do need things to start returning the investment I been making the past decade plus. When I started this journey over a decade ago (which has been a HELL of a ride and I DON’T regret one bit) I decided to fully dedicate my life to it with no option to fail. I didn’t have any backup plans in place….didn’t go to college….I made this my LIFE. ALL OR NOTHING. So this is the point I have finally reached. Would I someday like to have the option to retire because of my craft? Absolutely. Would I like to be able to buy a home and start a stable family because of my craft? Absolutely. Would I like to be able to help my mother out financially who dedicated 30 years of her life to raising 4 boys as a single mother? Absolutely. Would I like to be able to be in a position where I can help out less fortunate people??? ABSOLUTELY. Would I like to be able to have money to be able to invest in other interests I have in life…like someday writing a book…opening a mexican restaurant and producing my own film (something I always wanted to do before I even got into making music)??? YES. But in order to start doing that stuff…I need to start taking things to the next level. Anybody who REALLY knows me and listens to the lyrics of my music knows the type of person I am. You can see it with your own eyes. You never see me wearing any jewelry or even putting any of thay material stuff in any of my videos. I am also considering focusing on other interests in life after this album…so I don’t know what or when my next musical release will be….so I’m giving this album a hell of an effort. But that’s where I’m at. I’m not compromising any of my beliefs to make the music and album that I am. I am simply making music that I can market to radio and mainstream audiences…and there is NOTHING wrong with that in my book. I hope that clears up any misunderstandings. #Sellout coming 2012.

With that said, here is the interview:

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My OFFICIAL end of the year post…bring on 2012!

First off…I want to say that I genuinely hope everyone had a great Holiday and blessed Christmas. I hope you enjoyed the things that matter most, like quality time with family and loved ones. That, in my opinion, is the most important thing in this world…more than money, fame, material items or anything else…LOVE. For those not fortunate enough to have immediate family/loved ones to spend time with, I hope you have some close friends you could consider family…and if all else fails don’t forget there is always God. 🙂 Ok I’m not going to get super religious on this post. But I do hope everyone had a blessed Holiday and is ready for this crazy New Year – 2012!

This past year was a trying year for me, but nonetheless a good one. I gained many positive things from it as well as lost some things that were important to me. But that is life…you keep on moving with your head up knowing that everything happens for a reason and all part of a plan. A good message I learned at Christmas mass this year was: ‘You are never given the live you wanted/planned’. So you can’t get bent out of shape if things aren’t always going your way. Just make the best out of what you’re given…if life gives you lemons…make lemonade, sell it, enjoy some of it yourself and make a profit from the sales. HAHA!

Whether this truely is the “last year” of existence (according to the Mayan Calendar) or not, treat it like it is. Treat everyone as if it’s your last day on earth, and treat them as you would like to be treated as well…with love, compassion and most importantly: EQUALITY. No one man is better than another just because of his or her social status, income, color, sexuality or beliefs. Treat your neighbor as you would want you and your family to be treated. If you wouldn’t want someone to discriminate against you because of color or social status…then DON’T by any means laugh in the face of hypocrisy as you judge or discriminate against someone else because of their sexuality (or any other form of discrimination). This isn’t me preaching to you, this is a simple form of common sense. Please use it in the new year.

Thanks again to anyone who has ever supported me this year and any other years before this. I seriously couldn’t thank you ALL enough for continuing to let me live my dreams.

Peace, love and success to you all in the New Year. Have fun and be safe…look forward to rocking with all of you in 2012!


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Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. I just want to take this time to thank The Lord for all His blessings in my life the past few years. I have many MANY things to be thankful for. For one, I couldn’t be more thankful for my health. I am grateful everyday that I wake up a healthy individual…this is something I DEFINITELY DON’T take for granted! I am thankful for having steady work the past few years, especially in a time when the economy is the way it is. I am thankful for having a roof over my head. I am thankful that I am able to continue to live and pursue my dreams and I CAN’T tell you enough how much I love and appreciate my support team…my family and friends and of course you all, my supporters. There have been soo many people who have been instrumental in the continued journey I am pursuing in life, and without everyone…I couldn’t continue to do it! Not only have my friends and family been very supportive with my career, but there is also a handful of you who have been there for me the past year or so that has been there for me mentally and emotionally through some of my own personal struggles, and for that I couldn’t thank you guys enough. I have some of the best friends at this point in my life, probably more than at any other point in my life. I really feel blessed to have the life that I do…to the point where not only do I thank the Lord for it…I sometimes question Him and ask Him why He has been blessing me so much. I am also Thankful for the trials & tribulations He has put me through the past few years…the learning experiences, the lost loves (“It is better to have loved and lost then to have never loved at all”) and everything else in between. This Holiday season I am going to work on giving back myself. And last but not least, thank YOU! Thank YOU for following my page, supporting my music & my dreams. If you have EVER supported me, “Rip”, as an artist…I love and appreciate you more than these words can convey. If you ever bought any of my merchandise or music, came out to any of my shows…showed love and support for any of my music and videos, shared one on FB or to your friends, helped in the production of my video in ANY way…no matter how big or small a contribution…I express my unworthy gratitude. Thanks again to anyone who has ever contributed to making me a better person and thank you Lord for all your continued blessings. I love you all very much from the bottom of my heart! Hope you all have a great & blessed Thanksgiving!


Joshua aka “Rip”

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“Hate That I Love You” (Lyrics)

Artist: Rip
Song: “Hate That I Love You”
Album: Sellout (Spring 2012)

[verse 1]
Got a story, dementia; been messin my head up
Aggression been pent up, wish I put my fence up
The day that I met a…headcase and then left a…
‘Nother headcase I was involved with instead of..
Searchin’ my soul for the right thing to do
Spent almost 2 years just fightin’ for you
Tossin’ and turnin’ my brains ’bout to explode
Now who is the one with the chains on their soul?
Barely 6 months after the date of the break you partake
in a ceremony that’s so fake!
We split in the spring then in no time at all
You walk down the aisle in denial that fall
I been livin’ my life, without anyone catchin’ me
Then I met you, and you ruthlessly step on me
Fallin’ and fallin’ got no safety net
While you fall back on yours you made the day we met,
Cuz I..

I-I-I-I. I-I-I-I, I-I-I-I Hate that I love you.
Don’t Lie-i-i, i-i-i-i, i-i-i-i & fake who you love too.
I-I-I-I. I-I-I-I, I-I-I-I Hate that I love you.
Don’t Lie-i-i, i-i-i-i, i-i-i-i & fake who you love too.

[verse 2]
Man she’s out for a vengeance, pay real close attention
It’s more than me puttin’ my 2 little cents in..
You wonder why real music don’t get respect?
Well this here’s about to get as real as it gets!
I’m livin’ my life without any regrets
But can you say the same without your heart in debt?
Can you honestly say that those are your real friends,
Lettin’ you go through with it knowin’ what’s in your head?
If you’re really ready to wed then you should be soarin’
so high and not textin’ me at 2 in the mornin’
Or every few weeks cause I know what you’re missin’
Up in the club with your girl where I’m spinnin!
How would he feel knowin’ you text me love songs?
I can’t even fathom what else you have done wrong
I’m really not a dick but my image depict one
Take a second to ask who really the victim


[verse 3]:
You were with him before me, until he got boring
Your words exactly but who knows the story
I just know what I know, not up for debating
Only 2 possibilities in this situation:
One, you just used me I never met nothin’
You were only passin time ’til he came back runnin’
Two, I was the one for you and you really liked me
He was just your backup plan, you did it just to spite me
But I think that you and I really know which one it is
And you need to get up off all that really selfish biz
On top of that you friend a girl I left for you but just listen…
If she couldn’t have me no one would, the game you let her win
But I’m not tryna reminisce, she venomous like a nemesis
Can’t fix this with no medicine, straight killed it like some venison
Inattentive to the damage you caused with these issues
But I love you so much already forgive you


Yeah, get em J (Hate that I love you)
Heh, you aint foolin’ anybody (Hate that I love you)
It’s all good though (Hate that I love you)
It’s always light at the end of every tunnel…right? (Hate that I love you)

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Dj Rip – Pop/Top40 Nonstop Dance Megamix (Winter 2011)

New DJ Rip Top40 Promo mix!!! Download and enjoy!


1. Martin Solveig – Hello
2. Alexandra Stan – Mr. Saxobeat
3. Dev – In The Dark
4. Maroon 5 ft Christina Aguilera – Moves Like Jagger
5. Taio Cruz feat. Flo Rida – Hangover
6. LMFAO – Sexy And I Know It
7. Foster The People – Pumped Up Kicks (Skeet Skeet Remix)
8. Avicii – Levels
9. Flo Rida – Good Feeling
10. Afrojack feat Eva Simons – Take Over Control
11. Rihanna ft Calvin Harris – We Found Love
12. David Guetta ft Usher – Without You
13. Adele – Someone Like You (Pacheco Remix)
14. Cobra Starship ft Sabi – You Make Me Feel
15. Pitbull feat NeYo – Give Me Everything

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Rip’s Birthday Bash – Sat Dec 10, 2011 in Madison, WI

Come out and celebrate my Birthday Bash on Saturday December 10, 2011 at Whiskey Jacks Saloon in Madison, WI! I will be performing my 2 singles “Kissin In The DarK” and “Watchin Me” with Brian Urso as well as having 3 DJ’s on stage…my good friends DJ Whitehorse, DJ Double A & DJ Snake! There will also be a band in the house…my friends ‘Mission 19’ performing all your favorite bar songs/sing alongs in between the DJ’s! This will be ONE EPIC NIGHT! Make sure you come out! I know it’s about 2 hours away from my hometown in IL, but the past couple of years I have been receiving an unprecedented amount of love and support from my WI peeps!!! So I hope to see everyone out!

Rip B-Day Bash Flyer

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Filmed at Multiple Locations, the Video Features the Work of Emmy Award-Winning Creators

[Nov. 8, 2011] – Recording Artist Rip today released a new single and music video from his upcoming sophomore album, “Sellout.”
“Hate That I Love You” is produced by Rip with co-production from RIAA-certified Gold-selling Producer DJ Pain 1 and features the late actor/artist/musician Justin Mentell (Disney’s G-Force, Boston Legal) on the drums.
Filmed in part at the renowned haunted attraction Fear City Chicago, the video includes set construction by Emmy Award-winning set designer and decorator Jim Lichon (art director of The Oprah Winfrey Show) and Charles Grendys of Big City Sets Inc.
“Sellout” is set for a Spring 2012 release with a lead radio single coming soon. Rip’s debut album, “Fashionably Late,” is available now on iTunes from Island Def Jam Records.


[yframe url=’′]

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Catch 22

The catch 22 of my life – I am succesful (in my own right..maybe not monetarily yet), I absolutely LOVE everything I am doing and accomplishing right now in life. I have my health…great family and friends…God has been very VERY good to me the past few years…sometimes I ask why? The ONLY thing to complete my success right now is Love (which I believe is the ultimate success in life…more than any amount of $). The Catch?? I have absolutely very little to no time, money or resources to give in a relationship right now. One of the biggest things my past GF’s have been attracted to in my past is my drive and deterimination…knowing I can and will do (or have done) whatever I set my mind to. So my question is…if my work ethic and drive is what they’re attracted to…yet, because of it, I have no time for does one even win!? How does one seriously win in a situation like this? I know what people are going to say too cuz I already heard it a million times: “balance the 2 out”. How do you balance it out!? Then your career gets 50% and your girl gets 50%. Is that fair to either one!? If I choose to give my career my all…i enjoy that success alone and share it with no one. If I choose to give a girl my all…I give up on something im so passionate about (which is one of the things the attract women)…then I lose my determination to succeed…and become succesful with “Love”. But am I really “succesful” if I am no longer pursuing what I love in life!? Its a lose lose situation I been battling the last decade of my life. Which is why…when people ask me for advice on a music career…I tell them from the bottom of my heart…get out now before you’re in too deep like me.

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So many good songs out there right now that I’m feeling…

Check out some of my favorites right now:

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