People think because I’m a Christian I’m supposed to be perfect or something. Ha. Uh uh…

Who said I was a role model!? I’m going full throttle
Just as broken as apostles in the whole Gospel
Addicts, cheaters, liars, Oh my! Stripper, drinkers, deniers, Oh my!
Like Peter, Paul, and Davis…all in disarray, hey!
Humble me before You, Lord, use me as You may
Then I am an option, but never high in rank
Benjamin Watson, I am not a saint, I am not a idol, I am not a king
I am not the best, I’m a human being
I’m far from ahead of you, I’m far from impeccable
Was given a platform but never a pedestal, go to work!

Go to work! Go to work!
Cuz I need You on my team I can’t do this on my own, I already tried it all alone
Yeah, I need You on my team I can’t do this on my own, I already tried it all alone
Go to work! Go to work!

Smoking gun I’m as broken as they come
I can’t condone I still sip on coke and rum
It might be wrong but what is spoken from my tongue?
Prophetic songs and I hope it reach em young
So let me work it, never did I claim I was perfect
Matter of fact, nobody walking the earth is
Still clown inappropriately and got a foul mouth
Why you think I gotta keep God up in our house?
Called even though I’m unqualified
So I’mma ball like it all has been nullified
Standing tall cuz my future’s in Him!
the devil trying to stall but you know how it ends
HA! Go to work!


Man, I’m a Christian that’s deficient every inch of my religion
Someone tell me what I’m missing
Have a vision where I fit in like a misfit up in prison, But forgiven. I finally give in.
I been cheated, mistreated, Lord, what is the reason?
Weakened, depleted, but I ain’t never defeated
My soul was anemic, chewed up by some demons
Fiending for Jesus, disguised under sheep skin
Used to do it for the fame, used to do it for me
No more love for the game, no more need for the ring
My ego said there’s no way I could win without a Queen
But in life I need The King, yeah The King of all Kings, go to work!

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