Outcast ever since he was little
Never really fit in and he felt so fickle
All he really wanted was to be accepted
Loved, respected, that boy so brittle.
Then He met me at the bottom of the pit
And He set me on my feet
My Redeemer told me:
“Go so boldly, spread My name
I going to fill you with a Spirit from The Ghost that’s Holy”
Now they think I’m talking foolish
Some say I’m acting stupid
“The way his views is make me fuming,
infused with hate and confusion”
This might be a bit facetious
I put this as my thesis:
I promise that you need this
“stupid” message preaching Jesus!
So trust I been down that road,
They shoving God down my throat
I hate this taste left in my mouth
Correction hurts the ego.
“Just let me live my life, don’t tell me how to do it
My emotions are so true and your delusion is so stupid!”

[Chorus: Nicky Gracious]
I say I believe in Jesus and they say that it’s stupid
Worshipping what you can’t see is fantasy and it’s useless
I say open up your eyes, things ain’t as they seem
And if you think it’s stupid hold up,
let me tell you what stupid means!
It means:
Savior! (He The Savior!)
Truth! (He The Truth!)
Undeniable! (He’s undeniable!)
Powerful! (He powerful!)
Incorruptible! (He’s incorruptible!)
Divine! (And Divine!)
So if you calling Him stupid, Imma go stupid all the time!

[Verse 2 – Nicky Gracious]
If stupid is what stupid does,
stupid ain’t what we thought it was!
And The One you calling stupid is The One
Who shed His blood for you
He wore a crown of thorns for you
He came up out the grave for you
I know He conquered death
And He’s The Only One Who’s capable
of saving you, how dare you speak the way you do
About my Lord and Savior
Who I raise up all my praises to
You saying all this music that we doing is useless
But The One you calling stupid
Turned around and He used it
He’s so intelligent you can’t grasp it
Controls elements without asking
You say it’s evidence that you lacking
Boy it’s evident that you capping
All you gotta do is read that Bible
That’s all the evidence you need
And its relevancy ain’t got no rival
Historically check it and see!


[Verse 3:  ASAP Preach]
Imma go stupid.
Devil try and come around my way, imma lose it.
Go crazy, use it.
The Word imma shoot it.
Ain’t got a uzi this big boy got a bazooka
Might die but I know where I go
Stay real to the life that I chose
Blindfolded but I still go psycho
Go stupid til the day my eyes close
I know that the world don’t like me
Don’t care if the devil tryna rob me
I be ready better fight me
Betcha can’t knock me out like Rocky
Now God taught me
Heavenly language.
I speak that fluent
People stay looking at me like that boy stupid
Come to my table
Kick it with Judas
God said to love my enemy
so imma do it. I’m so “stupid”


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