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Had wisdom teeth removed

Alright, so last Friday night I started having some crazy wisdom tooth pain. Had to deal with it all weekend (as no dentist was open on weekends). Called a dentist first thing Monday morning. For the last few years, my dentist has been telling me to get them removed (I only had 3: Two on top, one on bottom #freak), but I have been putting it off MAINLY because I have to pay out of pocket; I don’t have any insurance. The teeth never really gave me any problems….until last Friday (see pic of my wisdom tooth here: The pain got to the point where ‘it was time’.

So thankfully, by the Grace of God and some good friends (one who is a dental assistant), I got in at 11am on Monday morning. An exam ensued, X-Rays were taken and I was referred to an oral surgeon that day (thankfully for a real reasonable price as well). By Wednesday morning I was having wisdom teeth removed. I was also fortunate enough to find a company (Care Credit) to finance my removal (I can’t afford this ish all at once!!!). Dentist & oral surgeon consultation was about $150 combined and oral surgery was $1,000. With meds and everything, it was probably close to $1,250 in total for 2 bothersome wisdom teeth to be removed. Now I just have to find a way to pay it off in 6 months to avoid the cray cray 27% APR!! #DAFUQ !?

Long story short: Minus the hurt it caused my pockets, It was probably the most ideal wisdom tooth surgery in the history of wisdom teeth removal. All I had in my head was the dread, the pain, the horror stories…but in all honesty, I was in and out and it was painless. They numbed my mouth with novocaine, gave me some gas and the upper two teeth were extracted in literally :30 seconds (I left the bottom one in). My recovery has been astounding. Again, no pain, no complications, nothing. It was NOTHING like I anticipated, which was horror. I took 2 days to relax, ate soft foods and by Friday night I was out there working again.

All you ever hear are the horror stories of wisdom tooth removal, so being the positive person that I am…I wanted to share my positive, successful, painless experience!

Pic of my x-ray’s:


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