You Are (The Reason)

[Verse 1]
Not another story how some rapper came to victory
I don’t get the glory really it’s about His story
So open up the Book to life, learn about Who saved my own
Path to my redemption He’s The One Who paid the toll
When it was taken on my soul, I was stuck inside a hole,
would spiral out of control, He put them Angels on Patrol
Protected me from things, that I don’t even know
And kept me out of places I don’t even wanna go
We should be locked up but we’re not cuz
His favor outweighed getting caught up
Could have been shot up, used to talk tough
Had many knocked up thinking I’m hot stuff
Internally hurting me from the constant perversity
I was certainly thirstily seeking Something to remedy
Really reckless in my ways, depraved in my condition
But He saw through the craze, which only had me imprisoned
Then He gave me a mission when I shouldn’t be breathing
But His Grace is sufficient, now I’m free from them demons,
Praise Jesus, reason why You get my praise You give my life meaning!
Let’s Go!

I will lift my hands up, I will raise my voice high
I will shout of Your love til the day that I die
Everything that I have, all my worship I bring
You’re The Reason I live, You’re The Reason I sing

You’re The Reason I live, You’re The Reason I sing

[Verse 2]
Another morning I’m grateful, for the mercies I’m given
In a world that is hateful, to The King that is risen
Lord, forgive them like me, they know not what they do
If they were really seeking Truth they’d see the answer is You!
Like if you ever came across a cure for cancer and AIDS,
would you share it with the world? That’s why I’m screaming His name
Jesus! I thank You, Jesus!

Hallelujah, hallelujah, Hallelujah
You’re The Reason I live, You’re The Reason I sing

[Verse 3]
How could I go on with life, and never acknowledge The Light
That ended my night like the sin that I write,
About in all of my songs but left to follow The One
Who would write all my wrongs and got me singing the Psalms
See my flesh was the enemy, then He wept and did surgery
During spiritual urgency, I’m in debt for eternity
He was patient giving chances I mean hundreds and thousands
So I will lift my hands high to The One that move mountains
And my praise go on and on long after the trumpets have sounded

[chorus x 4]

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