Artist: Rip
Song Title: Delivered
Album: Delivered

Verse 1:

Dark thoughts they fill my mind, I’m…
Strugglin’ with Pride when I decide my….
Desires should be acquired at the time that I want
Will my life align with your heart?
I need to know. I need to know
Lately, I been strugglin’ to stay afloat.
I been holdin’ on to every single quo
To help me prove that my life isn’t a joke (whoa!)
Lookin’ in the mirror-like what’s wrong with me!?
I’m lost in the wilderness, my life’s empty
Fallin’ for every trap, every snare
Is someone there? Do you care!?
I can barely breathe.
Drowning in anxiety. Drowning in anxiety.
My relationships are spiraling, suffering
Someone, please set me free
My addiction’s just another stain on your shirt
My methods just make it worse
As much as I know it hurts
I keep playin’ in the dirt
What’s wrong with me!?
Pornography and sex got a hold up on my life
Thinkin’ bout the high and the women every night
When you’re in a dark place you know you need a light
Keep fallin’ down, will I ever get it right!?
The things that you hate got a hold of my life
Get ahold of ya life, get a hold of ya…
Time isn’t waiting for you
satan’s been preying on you
They anxiously praying for you
Family n’ Christ adores you
You just been flaking on ’em
Why ain’t you waiting on ’em?
Can’t He deliver you!?
Turn you to Jacob on ’em?
Turn your back on the lust and the pride
Dopamine is a lie
You know it isn’t worth your soul
Look up to the sky for the prize
Open up your eyes
You know that Jesus came down just to make you whole

[Chorus 1]
I ain’t never suffer quite like this
I feel like my life is in a vice grip
I need Someone to help me see
Need Someone to set me free
Who can Deliver? Who can Deliver?
Who can Deliver? Who can Deliver?

[Verse 2]
I’m at the depths of the earth I can’t get any lower
Life’s flying but this battle couldn’t be slower
At the core, I feel like a major…
Failure to my purpose
My life is like a circus
All these Pigs in the Parlor
Lord, arm me with Your armor
Make me stronger, take these afflictions that I harbor
Change my heart before it gets harder, yeah
I’m getting heated can’t escape these routines
And the world is tellin’ me I can have everything
But they lyin’ to me, so I’m sittin’ here mad
Cuz I don’t have what I want
Thinkin’ if I did I could finally flaunt
My heart is craving for these women
When I got a good one at home
But I’d rather be sinnin’, my heads spinnin’
Now I feel all alone
I just want this heavy weight off my shoulder
Living life with a burden
I can’t wait ’til it’s over
He afflicted and scorned from his addiction to porn
Convicted and torn like his flesh from a thorn
Man, I told ya I done been to the bottom
Yeah I feasted with demons and they almost got ’em
When I heard Him say: “You’re my chosen son,
This ain’t the place to be.”
Then He snatched me from up out of the pit
Like: “You belong with Me!” Yeah!
I put my faith into A Perfect Man
So when these weapons form against me got the perfect hand.
Royal Flushin’ no discussion got The King of Kings
His word is my ace, stomp demons with authority!
Yeah! I serve A God that could never lose!
He set us all free time to spread the news!
I’m a winner, Yahweh told me:
“He’s mine, healed consider…
This signed, sealed, Delivered!” Yeah!

[Chorus 2]
You ain’t never met no one like this
Who can make you whole, make you Righteous
God came here to rescue me
His death, yeah, it set me free!
I’ve been Delivered! I’ve been Delivered!
I’ve been Delivered! I’ve been Delivered!

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