Why do I feel like this? I’m never satisfied. Help me understand. Imma get it.

Well I’m back again, third time is a charm
But really he don’t even know where he went
Got lost in the fog, tryna win em all, if it’s less than the best then it ain’t a win
Imma go so hard, no holds barred, stunt on em all dope clothes and car
Til’ a broken heart make me choke so hard and realize these can only go so far
So how can I be satisfied if all I ever do it’s somebody better?
Tell me what I gotta do to fill the void in my heart like the one
that I wear on the sleeve of my sweater? Naw just playin’
The blood in my veins is so cold like the Midwest weather
I could tell my story to the rest of the world,
wind up with a New York Times best seller. So…

[Chorus x 2]
Why am I never satisfied? I’m never satisfied.
Why am I never satisfied? I’m never satisfied.
Why am I never satisfied? I’m never satisfied.
Why am I never satisfied? I’m never satisfied.

Maybe if I…uproot and move. And chase my dreams in a big ole’ city
Brand new state of mind, flashing lights, with a brand new chick that’s o’ so pretty
Trophy wife, hoping I, impress these people I don’t even like.
Stroking my, ego, why? Can’t even lie, keeps me up at night.
While I’m all in the brain it’s a shame that I can’t find a name for the angst and the pain
But the doc got a book that claim I’m deranged
like the rest of the world take a pill keep you sane
Who to blame for the rain when the sky lookin gray
And the chains on my soul with a stain got a hole?
Not The One up above that remain never changed
He The One Who the same, rid my shame, gimme hope


I was slaving away, craving the fame. Had everyone like, man, he’s insane
Paving a way for satan to enslave all of my days cuz of all of my ways
Just one more sip, one more hit, gimme one more chick let me get that fix
I could be happy with being filthy rich, a bigger crib gonna scratch that itch
Travel the world, see new places, meet new faces, flee to Vegas
But nothing like when I sing you praises, seeking grace, speaking Hebrew phrases
He who places his fulfillment in every single thing up under the sun
Ain’t never gonna find what he really looking for
Imma get it from The Father, Holy Spirit, and Son. I’m done.

(“If I find in myself a desire which no experience in this world can satisfy, the most probable explanation is: I was made for another world” ~ C.S. Lewis)

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