Artist: Rip (feat. Angie Rose)
Song Title: Grow
Produced by: Rip & Jim Jonsin
Album: Delivered

Yeah. This song right here.
Is about my worst heartbreak.
And how it lead me to The Love of my life.
Sometimes you gotta let something go
So you both can grow.
I’m going to let you go.

Chorus [Angie Rose]:
I’m over waiting
Ain’t got no time for conversation
ooo oooo I guess the truth is I can’t shake it
And now you want me to let go
I’ll give you room to grow

Verse 1:
Started off kind of slow but I like that
They were saying day one you better wife that
Though your soul took a toll think despite that
We had a love. Can’t deny that
When your eyes pierced mine from across the way
SummerFest vibes on that warm summer day
There was a plan that was bigger than us, all along
Play it back like your favorite song
So can you hear what I’m saying when I’m thinking out loud
(I’ll give you room to grow) Uh.
They say if you love something set it free
You can’t pluck a rose gotta let it be
So I’m gonna let you go but first I’m gonna let you know
That I love you from your head to your toe
My heart won’t forget you so, you gotta know
Always praying for your soul, I’m gonna let you grow (go)


Another New Year without your sweet lips
Miss your hands on my face whenever we kiss
Your smile is like a ray of sunshine in the summertime
So yeah it hurts to accept that you’re no longer mine
Sitting back watching dreams start to fall through
How much of this was thoroughly thought through?
A thousand days without a word speaks volumes
If this is your desire, then it’s all you
So I’m gonna let you do me, I’m gonna do me
Whatever God’s plan, still a new me.
One you always prayed for, turned a new leaf
Even when you cross my mind every time I’m a Red
Grabbing Sushi, I’m gonna be Gucci
Comparing her to you because I’m choosey
What really matters to me is that you’re happy truly
Really this is what you need


Come to terms no more dinners at Tornado Room
Walks on The Terrace, holding hands with my boo
Trips to Chicago, nights with the fam
If I’m being real, can’t even be mad
This song celebrates everything that we had,
So many blessings were born
Don’t even see any bad
Praise God for a beautiful story
And I’m gonna give Him all the glory.


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