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Nicky Gracious – “The Road” (Official Music Video)

New Nicky Gracious music video Directed by Rip!!! Like/Comment/Share!!

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RiP Records Introduces Tore The Veil

A few months back I came across this artist on #ChristianTikTok named Tore The Veil. I really loved his sound and felt The Lord leading me to use my talents and resources to record him. So, while in Texas for ministry (his home state) this past summer, we met up and recorded this song in a hotel room. The rest is history. RiP Records formally introduces you to Tore The Veil.

More coming soon!

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Nicky Gracious – “This I Pray” (Official Music Video)

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Rip “Bonita” (Official Music Video)

PHEEW!! After a YEAR AND A HALF of sitting on this gem, I have FINALLY dropped my official “Bonita” Music Video on my Dad’s birthday.I think he would have been proud. 2 years ago I went on a mission trip to #Honduras with our High School students. It changed my life. I met some wonderful people and even found a new family in central America: Hector Galeas & Lorena Mejia de Galeas. They told me to come back and that I’m welcome ANYTIME. So…I did. I returned 6 months later and filmed this music video in January 2020. I forewent going to The GRAMMY Awards that year so I could film this and even contracted “The vid” coming back traveling through Dallas & Chicago airports, right when the pandemic was about to hit. To say this trip was a trip of a LIFETIME was an UNDERSTATEMENT! You can see a FRACTION of the fun we had while out there….including renting an Air B&B on a remote island in the #CayosCochinos …one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been to. You had to be there …but Jeremiah Morland (my buddy who went) and I have MEMORIES for a LIFETIME!!! Thanks, Hector & Lorena, for opening your hearts and home up to me. I debuted this song at the Urban Fest ministry concert we threw in Honduras 2 summers ago and I fulfilled my promise in returning to film the video in their beautiful country with their beautiful people. I was hoping to premiere this song in the states the last 2 summers at Brat Fest, but…well, a worldwide pandemic hit, and that got thwarted. But this song is about being able to finally see the beauty in life and other people, including one’s own lot in life, after being “Delivered”. It’s also to pay homage to my Latin roots. I dedicate this video to my Dad.

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Rip – “Delivered” (8k Official Music Video)

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Rip & Krista Raising Funds for Blood Cancer

Hello, all my wonderful friends and supporters!!! I have recently joined my good friend Krista (from Krista in The Morning Rush show on 93.1 Jamz in Madison, WI) in raising money to fight blood cancer.

She is nominated as Woman of the Year and I am honored to be on her team as part of #KristasCrusaders !!!

Please click the link or image below if you feel compelled to donate and help contribute to this cause:

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Nicky Gracious – “Stand Up” (Official Music Video)

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Nicky Gracious “Stand Up” (Official Lyric Video)

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My favorite worship songs right now

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Rip Introduces Nicky Gracious – Interview + “Stand Up” world Premiere

This morning I was privileged to introduce Nicky Gracious to the airwaves on Krista & The Morning Rush on 93.1 Jamz Rhythmic/Top40 radio as he premiered his new song “Stand Up” to the world!

You can see the original video of him spitting “Stand Up” here which has since gone viral!!!

Listen now on SoundCloud:

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