Awesome God

Awesome God Rap Remix

Artist: Rip (feat. Sincere)
Song: Awesome God
Album: Trinity (2017)

[Verse 1]
Boutta hit em’ where it hurts, boy, bet you never thought you was dealing with a church boy!
Time to go to work, boy! Really gotta listen when I tell you that most of usChristians are some of the worst, boy.
Not the religion, I’ll try with precision, hope this one will get ‘em, I promise just listen:
I follow the teachings of Jesus I need it, accepted my Savior and try to be like Him
Try to be like Him, love like He, but I’ll never be Him as long as I’m me
I’m human, I sin, so I give in to Him and I know that I’m broken real deep from within
Just know that He came for the sick and the hurtin’, not for the saints who depict they be perfect
His word is: give up your riches and come follow Me, not easy but it will be worth it
Gave up my past, not on my dreams, ready to lose everyone in my life for all I believe
Roll up my sleeves, it’s boutta get dirty that’s all that I need as I fall to my knees & surrender my greed
No weapon against me shall prosper, gone off my rocker
Boutta spit the gospel to the hostile, turn my rivals to The Bible
Let me tell you about The Most Significant Figure to walk the face of this earth
Not a soul in the world they don’t know of His name but they still disgracing His birth
He The Way, The Truth, and The Life, no lie, but they still mistaking His worth
He’s The God of Love, never preaching hate and they still be hating His work

Our God is an Awesome God He reigns from Heaven above
With wisdom, power, and love, our God is an Awesome God

[Verse 2]
I’m a soldier for Christ, man, I known all my life, but still I felt all alone in the night
Like a home with no wife and no hope in my sight, so…
What I gotta do to make my soul feel all right?
Hold on tight to my faith cuz it’s all that I got, hoping light hit my face give it all to my God
To The Prince of Peace, Love is what he teach
And government and schools want this out their speech!?
They say never talk politics or religion, listen, time to make it cool to be Christian
New mission is: an Evangelist, let Him free them chains from your hands and wrist
Never blasphemous, that’s hazardous, and rid all the evil that’s cancerous
New lease on my life like I’m Lazarus, thank You Jesus of Nazareth
For loving me even on my darkest days with my heart of clay, this part of me
Full of selfish desires gotta be made new, never meant to turn my back on You
Half my life chasing empty dreams: money, fame, women, things.
Nothing made me feel supreme, You are the only King!
Thank You for Your Grace and Love, they could deny You all they want
I know a creator’s up above, we’re from the same God, there is only One
See, your God, is my God, and our God is an Awesome One!

[Chorus x 5]

Our God is an Awesome God. Our God is an Awesome God

My God is an Awesome God Lyrics.

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