See The Light

Artist: Rip
Featured Artist: Kieran The Light
Album: Delivered

I feel my eyes are closing. Trapped inside my mind.
I keep my head above the water til I see the light
Falling in the darkness, I can’t breathe tonight.
Holding onto hope until I see the Light.


Do you ever feel like your life is incomplete?
And nobody understands all the help that you seek
Mental health in dire need. Just wanna be set free
Father takes you to psychiatrists to treat anxiety
Cause the panic attacks would debilitate me
Facilitating all the enemy’s schemes
Waking up from my dreams. Wait, this is reality
Would fear eternity. Suicide couldn’t even
provide an escape yeah I’m alive but I hate
all these lies that are made feel my life
And the spirit of jealousy and envy enveloped me
societal psychological pressures developed me
Just give him some Paxil it will put him at ease
And a ‘script of some trazodone, it’ll help him to sleep
It just turns him to a zombie and robs him from all his hobbies
Now I’m Clyde without Bonnie
Relationships turning rocky
This is not me.


I don’t think you know the reason
why I fiendin’ for my Jesus
Defeated to straight depletion
Was appeasing all the heathens
Mentally put through the ringer
in and out of every season
Up to my knees in being conceded
Over my head in faithless treason
To The King and all His Kingdom
Quenched The Holy Spirit speaking
Sabotaged my very meaning and purpose
by not believing
We get the best from when we seek Him
Our love; must be increasing
and us; must be decreasing
Renegade this had me seething
I just wanna live for me
And this had me barely breathing
Drowning, I was deceived and
blind to see I need Him
In the dark for most my life,
But that choice was mostly mine
I can finally see the light
And I thank The Most Divine
for opening my eyes
and restoring hope to my..
Life is finally bright
Now I’m showing you the right
type of life you need to live
We were made to serve and give
Repent of all our sins
so we can finally live in Him
That’s how you win!


[Kieran The Light]
I got direction and still be climbing the wrong ladder.
That explains why I’m always feeling alone after.
It’s God written but I’m still stuck in the old chapters
‘Cause I see the light but for some reason I keep going backward
I can’t expect to be gifted with all the wrong intentions.
Just because I got deliverance, don’t mean I won’t be tempted
How can I defeat serpents if I ain’t got no visions.
I can’t procrastinate the purpose if I know the mission
Even when I fall in deception, I seek His face.
And even when ignoring correction I see the grace
And even when I run out of breath, I’m still on pace
‘Cause even when I’m losing my step in still in the race
I don’t always be at my best when I fight the sin
But all I do is get out my flesh and I got the win
Everytime I’m in obedience the site is on ten
Now I see the light again, ‘cause I got the light within
I’m forgiven


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