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RiP Records BRat Fest set relocated indoors due to weather

Rip Records Recording Artists Rip, Nicky Gracious & Erin Oakley have been relocated to perform indoors due to severe inclement weather at Brat Fest this year. Catch them at Door Creek Church Northside, 1181 N. Sherman Ave, Madison, WI.

Doors open at: 1:30 PM!

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Rip – You Are (The Reason) [Official 8k Music Video]

New music video for Rip’s latest single, “You Are (The Reason)”, has just dropped in stunning 8k definition from RiP Records!!!

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RiP Records introduces new artist: Erin Oakley

RiP Records is proud to introduce you all to the newest member of our family, Erin Oakley! She brings a new sound to the team and we’re proud to have her join the RiP Records family! Check out her debut single, “Lord Most High”!

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Nicky Gracious – “Right Out The Gate” Official Music Video

3-20-24: RiP Records recording artist, Nicky Gracious, releases a new music video for his latest single “Right Out The Gate” which is produced and directed by label head Rip.

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New Nicky Gracious single “Right Out The Gate”

RiP Records recording artist Nicky Gracious has released a new single for the new year, “Right Out The Gate”, which will be on his sophomore album coming later this year.

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“See The Light” Official Music Video featuring Kieran The Light is here (in 8k)!!

“See The Light” is also currently on the GRAMMY ballot For Your Consideration as Best Contemporary Christian Performance / Song!

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“See The Light” 10.11.23

Rip’s new music video for his single “See The Light”, which features powerhouse recording artist Kieran The Light” is set to premiere on Rip’s official YouTube channel on Wednesday, October 11, 2023. Make sure you’re subscribed!

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Brat Fest 2023 Recap

I’m still tryna wrap my head around yesterday. Words can’t even articulate a fraction of what transpired yesterday. I’ve played Brat Fest in years past, but something about yesterday was just different.

My family came up from IL. My Mom even brought a lyric board she made at home! My brother brought his kids (1 & 3 yo) so that was their first time ever seeing Uncle Josh perform.

Being together with all my brothers-in-Christ from all over the country (Texas, Michigan, Indiana, Mississippi) and being able to minister together was apostolic in nature. Praise and glory to God šŸ™

What people see on stage is one thing. What goes on behind the scenes the whole day is another. I’ve been told by numerous people (including a good friend who’s been watching me perform over a decade and my brother Nicky who’s been touring together with me the last 2 years), that that was the best performance they’ve ever seen from me. I’ve had people tell me they felt The Holy Spirit moving. Y’all, I’ve been performing for 2 decades. For me to be having my “best show” even after 20 years is mind-boggling to me. But…it’s all God and His Spirit. Y’all, I had a mini-CHOIR throe down with me!??

But again, what is seen on stage is one thing. What happens behind the scenes is another. The fellowship with the brothers is on another level. I was blessed enough to be able to host my brothers this weekend in my modest home and it blessed me highly being around and with them, breaking bread together. šŸ™ We were blessed enough to have many run-ins (like we usually do) with people seeking and needing prayer. People in tears, broken, sick, people in grief. We got to lay hands on them and pray for them and continue letting The Spirit sow seeds where need be. We crossed paths with and got to pray over bands who were multi-platinum artists but had to stop and encourage us to keep doing what we’re doing because “God is real”. A woman who drove by Denny’s cuz she saw our bus so she wanted to stop by and encourage us. Nicky asked her if there was anything we could pray for and she almost broke down in tears, so we all unbuckled our seat belts to get out the bus and circle around this woman to pray (minutes after rushing out of Denny’s because Nicky had to get back on the road to Indiana, a 5-hour drive, which now became irrelevant in the face of this troubled woman needing prayer.)

I always feel like Jesus’ disciples walking with Him when we’re together and then when we have to part ways, I feel a sadness like the disciples who all dispersed after Jesus’ ascension to individually be “On Go” (Go making disciples of all nations). The only regret all of us brothers shared was that we wish we would have come to Jesus sooner in life (although we know His sovereign will and timing is perfect.)

At the end of the night, I had a guest in town, who was helping us all day and around for most everything, in tears. In tears because she got to witness the comrades, brotherhood, and fellowshipping that took place firsthand, and it inspired her. A bunch of tatted-up ex-felons, dope fiends and drug dealers, sex and porn addicts, who’ve been delivered and now loving and living for Jesus, The One Who snatched us from the pits. Constantly hugging each other…telling each other how much they love one another, continually throughout the day.

Like brother Bryann T says. It’s more than just music. It’s WAY more than just music. These brothers are On Go continually. And I love it. I love them. I love doing life and ministry with these brothers The Lord has blessed me with. Words can’t even begin to articulate how blessed yesterday was. Yeah, my performance may have been on another level according to lots…but the whole weekend was on another level. And I can’t wait to bring this ministry tour to a city near you next.

Anyways, I don’t want to turn this post into a promotional post other than promoting Jesus and what He did this weekend right now. But we look forward to seeing, meeting, and praying with you all as we get ready to embark on this tour. šŸ™

Thank You, Jesus, and everyone else for blessing us on this mission. I love and appreciate you all šŸ™ Continue to be blessed in Jesus’ name. šŸ™


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“Delivered” by Rip has been…delivered.

After almost 5 years in the making, RiP Records recording artist Rip has finally released his long-awaited 4th studio album, “Delivered”. Rip officially announced he was working on a follow-up to his GRAMMY-considered album “Trinity” (2017) in an Instagram post dated February 2019 which included an image that simply said: “Album Mode.” He was inspired during a trip to L.A. for the GRAMMY’s to begin work on new material. After taking a couple of years off to focus on new label signee, Nicky Gracious, Rip was able to finally finish “Delivered” during some downtime after their national “Stand Up Be Delivered” tour in Fall 2022. Rip & Nicky plan to tour again to support this album on their “Stand Up Be Delivered 2” tour with special guests Clean Slate & Sori.

“Delivered” features Nicky Gracious, ASAP Preach, Kieran The Light, Angie Rose, The Central Church Choir & Orchestra and is available on all streaming platforms!

Apple Music
Amazon Music
Hard copies

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Rip to host album listening and release party (Madison, WI)

Rip will be hosting an exclusive album listening and release party, Friday, May 12, 2023, over an intimate dinner a week before the release of his new album “Delivered”.
Location: Door of Hope, 1181 N. Sherman Ave, Madison, WI
Time: Door open at 6:00 PM

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