Artist: Rip (feat Kirstie Kraus & Jessie Nordness)
Song Title:  Jolene
Album: Delivered (2020)

[Chorus – Kirstie Kraus & Jessie Nordness]
Jolene, Jolene, Jolene, Jolene, I’m begging of you please don’t take my man
Jolene, Jolene, Jolene, Jolene, Oh please don’t take him just because you can

[Verse 1 – Rip]
Fifteen with a attitude and he
Steady lookin’ like he mad at you
Never satisfied no gratitude
Got a little taste now he after you
He just opened up the gates now they passin’ through
Passin’ through?  Now he laugh at you
And the love you give when not latitude
Pursue you too, girl?  Hush them lips
You could be his anchor but he jumpin’ ship
When you rock the boat because of this:
Hocus Pocus, he can barely focus
See you warm and open, but he slow to notice
Leave you torn and hopin’, he gon’ close the curtain
On the swarm of locusts but she pour the potion
With no emotion and it got him like…
I love the way that she smile at me
Undoubtedly she probably
Can grip me with her lips I’m sick, Jolene…
And it got him thinkin’ and it got his girl singin…


[Verse 2 – Rip]
Thirty one still havin’ fun, but..
What the heck is goin’ on!?
Feel a hole in his chest like his heart is gone
Livin’ in sin and he knows it’s wrong
But he got a pain that he’s trying to numb
He just need some anesthesia
Jolene the one to please ya
Like a pill up in Ibiza
So before it’s peace and see ya
Just one more hit of sweet love
You a lie, a steal, and cheater
His soul is tired and beat up
It’s time to face his demons
And praise The One that freed us
Yeah Praise The One – Jesus!

I pray The Lord my soul to take
So if I die before I wake
I have faith He’ll deliver from Jolene
And it got him thinkin’
He don’t want his girl singin’…


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