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Need wisdom teeth removed

This past weekend I been going through an ordeal. My wisdom teeth have been coming in now more than ever causing me some excruciating pain. About 4 years ago my dentist took an xray of my mouth and noticed I had 3 impacted wisdom teeth (no 4th) and advised me to have them removed soon. Being the stubborn person I am, WITHOUT any insurance, I put it off…they never really bothered me much. Til recently. About a year or so ago..they started slowly breaking through my gums in the back of my mouth. This last Friday…they REALLY started coming through. Now I don’t know how many of y’all saw my documentary, but I’m a lil older than the average age where people’s wisdom teeth come in. Long story short, this weekend has been hell for me. Can barely open my mouth fully to eat, it hurts that bad. Only time I been in worse pain was when I dislocated my foot and broke my ankle at 19 tryna do some dumb shit on a skateboard. I was being a baby all weekend. Either way, I’m calling a dentist first thing Mon morning (so in like 4 hours). I was on the phone with my Mom earlier talking to her about it and she reminded me of a simple truth: There’s people who have it WAY worse than I do…cancer patients etc…people who would kill to be in my shoes. And it’s true…I am blessed and shouldn’t take the simple things for granted. Especially now during the holiday season..these are the times I really realize that there are a ton more people in this world who have it WAY worse than I do. And I never have problems giving to the less fortunate. Stay posted for updates on my wisdom teeth…

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