Artist: Rip feat. J. Ruthie Carroll
Song Title: IV
Album: Delivered (due 2022)

[Verse 1 – Rip]:
Lord, I’m the first to confess, that my life’s an utter mess
I’m struggling with this sin still expecting you to bless, my..
Life with many things, like a wife and shiny things
Instead I’m…siphoning my dreams, but there’s only One Vaccine
Watch them censor me.
Comatosed from my own palliative remedies:
Smoking, drinking sex, pop a xan to calm extremities
My heart is poisoned with the lies, deception and deceit
Can barely enjoy my life, hear my confession and defeat
This…visceral feeling is so miserable heal me.
Got me in my room kneeling as I’m begging and pleading
To the ceiling like..
Code blue I’m barely breathing, man, I need a revival,
When I think I need a rush, man, just get me a Bible.
Stick my dermis with a hypodermic, this is urgent
I’m allergic to these serpents, man, I need a surgeon
On the surface I look certain but my heart is hurtin’
Turn my worst into a sermon this my purpose, serve it
Even when my back is turnin’ my cardiovascular needs a catheter
Matter fact I need a whole transfusion along with planet earth
Sepsis in the blood, boutta go in shock! This is startling,
Jesus fills my arteries, every part of me

[Chorus 1 x 2- J Ruthie Carroll]
Someone please revive me, on the verge of dying
I’m in need of an IV, it’s The Only Thing gonna save me now
This world is suffocating, they can’t see…
No, I can’t breathe

[Verse 2 – Rip]

Lord, we’re down here suffocating, about to flatline
But it ain’t just me who need an IV, flip on the news at 9
We’re all infected, acting…young and reckless like we got a death wish
Man, this world is helpless, desperate, wrong and selfish
We feel the birthing pangs like…south side Chicago gang fights
Another mother’s son just got rushed to the hospital
Mercy what she needs and she pleads for her prodigal
Other side of town it’s another hate crime its a race against time
before someone draws a 9 from their waistline but wait I hate my
Desensitized state I…have no pulse on my EKG line (man!)
My stripper friend coming through messed up on meth again
Try to rescue me but she can’t be my heroine
While she’s addicted to that and I’m addicted to sex
What you think happens next every time we connect?
I feel the need to confess and the need to inject
Every capillary with The One Who never rejects every single defect
Time to cut off the cancer!
Racial tempers are flaring, end times trumpets are blaring
I know you hear it don’t be blind among the spiritually barren
All this political unrest, subliminal infe-stations across the nations
pump the poison we ingest
Glamorizing sin blur the line between The Truth and lies
And when we see defeat, man it’s Him we scrutinize
My heart is wicked I’m convicted I’m in need of a Savior,
Lord we need You now so I truly hope You hear my prayer!

[Chorus 2 x2]
Jesus please revive me, Lord my soul is dying
Your Word is like my IV, It’s The Only thing gonna save me now
This world is suffocating, they can’t see…
No, I can’t breathe

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