Still Here

Artist: RiP Records Family (PR x Influence x TruMotiv x Rip)
Song Title: Still Here
Album: Trinity (2016)

[Verse 1 – PR]

Uh uh. yeah yeah. RiP Records, baby. PR…

They done forgot about me, even ’bout that Double R
quick to dismiss it, that’s when you took it too far
My crew still grindin’, overtime
Never no 9 to 5’ers
One call from Rip it’s a wrap, hit em quick just like a viper
Deadly precision, listen
to the venom that I’m spittin’
Like I never left, I can’t help it’s just part of my essence
Out of control, leave em overdosing on 4×4’s (16’s)
This ain’t no game, but if it is then I’m on god mode
No cheat codes, when you grindin’ you gotta pay them dues
They keep it movin, no excuses and if you snooze you lose
We don’t do this for the money, not even for the fame
This for the love of the music even if it ain’t the same
But we won’t change, RiP Records until we hit the grave
We stayin’ loyal, we soldiers rollin for the Midwest gang
They wanna know my name, and how I rep that crew
Too bogus when I’m influenced kill em with tracks that I rip
It’s a family reunion

I’m still here, I’m stayin’ true to myself you see
I ain’t goin’ anywhere, I’ll never be anyone but me
We’re still here, stayin’ true to our family,
We ain’t goin’ anywhere, we never fall far from the tree

[Verse 2 – Influence]

This is not a game, my squad stay the same
Drivin’ y’all insane, stay up in ya lane
No cruise control but I lose control when I wreck this beat
Logically when I **** this heat, knock you off your feet
Don’t let the layback fool you
I might do you even get you when you take a doo doo
I know that’s foo foo, full Gacy; crazy
Reunited on this track but the past will hit you straight in your back.
Don’t let the absence sink in, we been grindin’ all these seasons
Think of fallin off a cliff, the reason is demeaning
We ain’t leaving quadriplegic, but you haters will believe it
Every time we are in meeting, always leave them bleeding
What you thinkin’? What’s the purpose?
Know it’s worth it, your crew is not perfect
Always workin’, T and Rip and PR yeah we ****** ******* curtains ***** I’m certain
Show me who I’m hurtin’, it ain’t over
Til it’s over cuz the fat lady is too busy burpin’


[Verse 3 – TruMotiv]

Here’s my story start recording, call up Maury this is me
Since a shorty I was born in Illinois in the streets
I’m the choice and the voice, hear me raw when I speak
Been through courts got divorced but of course still a G
They don’t even like me with the white dude, cuz they know that I be with the right dude
But I stay with the **** in the trunk you could jump if you want these ******* will light you
Rip always stay making right moves, I hit em so hard like a typhoon
Got my life in this **** not my life in a *****, I could **** any **** that I like to
But that’s not necessary, I mess with my family and anything else is secondary
All of my ****** alive and all the rest get buried
And all them ****** they try but there ain’t no comparing
They need to open they eyes, they need to realize
that I be the best and I ain’t gon’ stop what I do
I’m certified and I’m bonafide and I’m always ride with my crew
Just keep hatin’ I’m gettin’ paper and I don’t give a **** about you
This TruMotiv and I’m singing off, can’t nobody do it like I do…let’s go…


[Verse 4 – Rip]

Mic check 1-2 1-2, they really let me on!?
That kid in middle school he said I’d never write a song (HA!)
Fast forward 15 years, I wrote a hundred songs
My label going strong, We proved them haters wrong
My family they been with me, ever since the beginning
They counted us out but we up to bat another inning
PR, Influence, TruMotiv, you know him as Too Bogus
They on the track, now…guess who’s back!??
When I get up in the zone you don’t wanna be the one in my way get run right over
Double R ain’t never gonna stop til we hit the top, man, I thought I told ya
Dedicated my life to music, it’s in my veins forever
Cherish the loyalty of those who stuck through each endeavor
Tried to go conservative but they say you can’t change a leopards spots
You don’t wanna see me go back to my roots, if you do then you know it won’t be pop
RiP Records in this thang, gonna hit em with the rhythm man
E-S-T 2 triple 0, God’s work through me is far from O-ver


We’ll never fall far from this tree
We’ll never fall far from this tree
We’ll never fall far from this tree
We’ll never fall far from this tree

I’m still here, stayin’ true to myself you see
I ain’t goin’ anywhere, I’ll never be anyone but me
We’re still here, stayin’ true to our family,
We ain’t goin’ anywhere…

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