eatist: Rip
Song Title: Drown 
Album: Trinity (2017)

Don’t let me drown in the darkest days
The burdens I carry I can’t escape
Take all the troubles and pain away
Hopin’ and prayin’ for better days
Don’t let me drown, drown, drown
Don’t let me drown, drown, drown
Don’t let me drown

Lord, I gave my life at a young age, but it seem to me I had one aim:
Give my heart, push You aside, then live my life for the front page
Do it my way or the highway and not really lean on my Faith
But nowadays, not just holidays, it’s my ways craving Yahweh
Can’t hit rock bottom without a rock so now is the time that I need You most
When my life feel like a sinking boat and I need to grow like a seed you sow
And my heart can’t sustain yet another blow
Thought the worst was through when You took my bro
Til’ my father’s stroke, now we out a home, I won’t be a father, No
Now I’m outta hope


One day I’ll be free again. One day we gon’ meet again.
One day Imma sleep again. Til then Imma weep again
Can’t keep these demons up outta my head, can’t pull myself up outta this bed
He’ll sleep away more than half the day and barely eat like a castaway
On the outside looks like he’s doing great
You can see the jawline once again in his face
He’s losing weight but make no mistake he contemplates what they’d have to say
If he passed away. Cherry Tree, promise better days I can barely see
Like a scary dream, man, it’s very bleak, make it very brief, I can barely breathe


Lord, take these pains make life peaceful, lift these burdens that make me feeble
Cuz hurt people they hurt people, and rather than to exert evil
No longer want to deceive people want to lift them up like a church steeple
Constant losses, addiction, betrayal equals: leaning on vices that don’t need You
Cuz the devil knows where I’m weak, but The Lord, He knows who I seek
Only One that won’t let me sink, so guess Which One Who got me?
Yeah, guess which One Who got me? The One that got me to see..
That He will not leave or forsake me or break me oh no


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Don’t Let Me Drown Lyrics

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