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Rip releases new single “I’m In Need of You (God)”

Rip just released a new single, “I’m In Need of You (God)” which will be on his forthcoming solo album, “Delivered”, in 2023

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“Stand Up Be Delivered” national tour with Nicky Gracious & Rip is here!

We look forward to seeing as we bring our ministry on the road! For updated list of venues/locations please go here: www.rip-records.com/tour

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NOW BOOKING “Stand Up Be Delivered” Tour with Nicky Gracious & Rip


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Thank you, Wisconsin!!

Thanks to all who came out and rocked with us last weekend at The World’s Largest Brat Fest!!!


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RiP Records National Tour Booking soon

We will be booking a national tour with RiP Records recording artists Nicky Gracious & Rip soon for Sept-Oct 2022!

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Rip “IV” Music Video World Premiere (4/4/22)

Official music video for “IV” by Rip feat. J Ruthie Carroll

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Nicky Gracious – “Stand Up” (Official Music Video)

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Rip Introduces Nicky Gracious – Interview + “Stand Up” world Premiere

This morning I was privileged to introduce Nicky Gracious to the airwaves on Krista & The Morning Rush on 93.1 Jamz Rhythmic/Top40 radio as he premiered his new song “Stand Up” to the world!

You can see the original video of him spitting “Stand Up” here which has since gone viral!!!

Listen now on SoundCloud:

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Rest in Heaven, Dad

Today, my earthly father, George Mallet Sr, took his final breaths on this earth and joined his parents, aunt, brother, sister, and son in heaven.

My brothers and I will be having his body transported from North Carolina to Chicago to have him buried and some sort of service there in the near future, where he first came to America from Mexico and started a life and family.

My Dad was the very first one to support my dreams of pursuing music and was my #1 fan from day 1. Unfortunately, he suffered a massive stroke in 2003 and was taken in by my uncle so he didn’t get to see or experience much of the successes I got to enjoy…but if it weren’t for his initial encouragement and support I probably wouldn’t have enjoyed the successes I have today. He bought me my first pair of turntables in high school, always took me to buy records (although we could only afford a few at a time), bought me my first studio mixer, microphone, and studio monitors (which I still have to this day almost 20 years later.) He came to every volleyball match that he could and was there to bring us food and medicine, from Des Plaines to Waukegan, when we were sick or hungry and our Mom was working late nights, even though it wasn’t his time to have custody of us. He often got yelled for it…but he did it anyway because our well-being meant EVERYTHING to him. I may write more later, but I want to celebrate his life and legacy. ANYONE who ever met him was impacted in some sort of way (some good, some bad lol), he just had that kind of personality. And I’m going to miss it.

For those who knew my Dad…If you have any funny or fond memories of my Dad, feel free to share them here.

Thanks to all those who ever supported my musical endeavors. My Dad will continue to live on through you as he truly believed in me and supported me from day 1. And thank you to those few out there whoever gifted me a trip out to visit my Dad in North Carolina. A few of you have been kind enough to fly me out there as a gift over the last few years…I’ll love and cherish that forever. If I have been short with any of you this week or have yet to get back to some of you, forgive me. This is what my family has been dealing with all week. Thanks for your understanding, love, and prayers during this time.

I love you, Dad, and will miss you. But I’ll see you again soon.



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Speaking up on Racism and George Floyd

The Holy Spirit wouldn’t let me rest without speaking up on the #GeorgeFloyd incident. Racism exists, and it’s here. And it’s not of God. Hear my take on the situation…

#RIPGeorgeFloyd #JusticeForGeorgeFloyd

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