Nicky Gracious

Nicholas Greathouse, now Nicky Gracious, began his life as an abused child in a very troubled and pain-filled environment, including having to witness constant domestic harm inflicted on his mother. His youth was spent in and out of various juvenile facilities and group homes. Many nights, in an effort to soothe himself, he would gaze up to the stars in hopes that “something wonderful” might happen; but then his negative thoughts would tell him: “Nope. No chance. Great things don’t happen to nobodies like you!”

His first felony was at age 10 for Grand Theft Auto. At 16, he ran from the law for a false murder accusation, and by 18 he was in prison. He spent the next 20+ years behind bars, and after being released with no real-life skills, he fell into the dark world of illegal drugs. He lied, cheated, and was abusive to everyone, including his wife. Eventually, he overdosed and felt a void as if dead, but was miraculously revived with Narcan. Suddenly, he began hearing strange voices, causing yet another type of trauma. Diagnosed a Paranoid Schizophrenic, he was put on prescription medication to suppress symptoms, but nevertheless, he felt like he had gone crazy and could not continue to live this way.
In ultimate, utter despair, he quit taking his pills and cried out loud to God; “In the name of Jesus (Yeshua), please just kill me!”

Immediately and powerfully, God answered him! He put to death his old self, and restored Nicky as a brand-new creation in Christ Jesus! Nicky now writes and performs music to proclaim this very Truth of the amazing love and mercy of God; who redeems the lost, sets the oppressed free, and restores to those the incredible hope that “something very wonderful” can and WILL happen to ALL who call on the name of Jesus Christ the Lord!

Nicky Gracious found himself a little bit of fame when a video of him freestyling an un-recorded song of his got posted to Facebook and went viral in August 2020.

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