Rip’s Mission Statement

My mission statement is simple: To be BOLD in my Faith and spread the Good Word and Gospel through my music and youth leadership ministries. The goal is to bring glory & praise to God in everything that I do!  The Bible is His word and authority.  It is ordained by Him. There is no gray area or cherry-picking the Bible.  Jesus Christ is the only way to salvation through faith by grace alone.  I don’t fit my personal wants, needs, and desires to fit the Bible rather use the Bible to speak truth and fit it’s needs to a hurting, lost world. Sometimes my ministry teachings do this, sometimes my music does this. Other times, they don’t transcend. I’m not always for everybody and I’m ok with that. At times, my teachings can be raw; something I believe some ministries like to sway away from because they like to play it safe. But at the end of the day, God will use me for His purpose and in His ways. To God be the glory.



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