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Adios Devin Hester.

A few days ago word was spread that the Chicago Bears won’t be re-signing Devin Hester. So to that I had to say: ADIOS Devin Hester, not really gonna miss you much, you have yielded absolutely ZERO results the past 4+ years. Don’t get me wrong…your first 2-3 years were GREAT, and we LOVED you in Chicago. But it’s like once you got your money, you just turned the switch off. Instead of hitting the gas and just GOING for the goal like your early years, you started dancing around like a ballerina, thinking you could juke and shake people. I believed you still had it in you, but something changed your mentality towards the game and you weren’t the same man who signed with Chicago in 2006. I LOVE Chicago, I LOVE where I’m from and my teams…I rep them to the CORE!! Hester stopped doing that for us on the field.

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