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Rip – Making of “Satisfied” Music Video (Behind The Scenes)

Check out this Behind The Scenes look at Rip’s “Satisfied” music video! We were definitely blessed beyond words with this video!! Get a inside look as we head down to Big City Sets in Chicago and build our first set for any of his music videos!

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“One For Me” by Kane

Check out the new single “One for Me” by my protege’s I’ve taken under my wings, Kane!

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Rip with Kane at The Taste of Madison Labor Day Weekend

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Rat Tails for charity

Well folks, after many of you offering me money over the years to “cut off my rat tail” and much pondering….It’s time for you to finally PUT YOUR MONEY WHERE YOUR MOUTH IS!!! 💰💰💰 Except…I’m not taking or keeping a penny of it! I’m giving it all to charity & good causes. Click the link to see which ones and why I chose them..and if you feel so inclined, donate a buck or $10 (which every $10 donation or above will get a free digital download of my latest album, “Trinity”!!!) Over the years, it’s been blonde, purple, red, neon green, pink, blue…but it might be seeing it’s last days here. Can we hit the goal!??

#Charity #GoFundMe

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Rip w/ Kane LIVE at The World’s Largest Brat Fest

In case you missed Rip’s set at The World’s Largest Brat Fest on sat, May 26, here it is in it’s entirety!!

First billed Hip-Hop set on the GRAND stage at #BratFest !!!

Video by: Nick Cardarella / SoundVision Co

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Rip radio interview on 93.1 Jamz

Award-Winning Recording Artist & Grammy consideree, Rip, interviewed by 93.1 Jamz. Talks being first billed hip-hop artist on GRAND stage at The World’s Largest Brat Fest, Trinity album, life & more!!!

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Rip “Satisfied” Official Music Music Video

It’s finally here! The official music video for “Satisfied”!!! Thanks to all those who made this production possible!

Available for purchase here:

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Rip vs G-Eazy Mashup

Check out this #Mashup of Rip’s “Who is Rip” (Trinity – 2017) and G-Eazy’s – “Me, Myself & I” feat. Bebe Rexha (When It’s Dark Out – 2015)

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“Drown” vs “Let You Down” by NF Piano Mashup

Check this out!! Jessica over at GotchuCovered on YouTube surprised me with this DOPE mashup of my latest single, “Drown”, and NF’s #1 song in the country, “Let You Down”. This is seriously one of the DOPEST user submitted surprises and thing’s I’ve ever heard!!!! Check it/her out!!!

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My trip to the Grammys / New York

What was it like? What were my disappointments? Is NY style pizza better than Chicago!? Find out now on my GRAMMYs recap!

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