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Never satisfied.

I have been struggling with some things lately. Well, namely one thing. And that is with never being satisfied. I always want more, I always want to be more successful, I always want more money, I always want better quality videos, I always want to accomplish more things. I am simply NEVER satisfied. In ANY area of my life. I’ve started to notice this more recently, but thinking back on things, I think I’ve been this way my whole life really.

2013 was one of the best years of my career. The shows, the release of my documentary, the 5 Madison Hip-Hop Awards & more. Yet at the end of the year, I probably felt the most empty and dissatisfied I ever have been in my whole life. I, as well as others, always thought of myself as simply a hard worker and over achiever. But I think it goes deeper than that. I think that no matter what I achieve in life, I’ll never be satisfied….with ANYTHING.

So one day I finally decided to Google: “Why am I never satisfied?”, and I came across this book. It looked like a good book, with possibly the answer to my question. So then my girl (being the best there is) decided to surprise me by ordering it and having it sent to my house. Must admit, it was dope to come home to that in the mail!

I am going to read this book as soon as I can, and I hope to start finding some answers so I can start appreciating and enjoying life in the present moment. Cuz Lord (and some of my close friends, even my girl) knows I need to start basking in the moment and start enjoying the simple things in life!! Carpe Diem.

Will keep you all updated on my progress and thoughts on the book!


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