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My OFFICIAL end of the year post…bring on 2012!

First off…I want to say that I genuinely hope everyone had a great Holiday and blessed Christmas. I hope you enjoyed the things that matter most, like quality time with family and loved ones. That, in my opinion, is the most important thing in this world…more than money, fame, material items or anything else…LOVE. For those not fortunate enough to have immediate family/loved ones to spend time with, I hope you have some close friends you could consider family…and if all else fails don’t forget there is always God. 🙂 Ok I’m not going to get super religious on this post. But I do hope everyone had a blessed Holiday and is ready for this crazy New Year – 2012!

This past year was a trying year for me, but nonetheless a good one. I gained many positive things from it as well as lost some things that were important to me. But that is life…you keep on moving with your head up knowing that everything happens for a reason and all part of a plan. A good message I learned at Christmas mass this year was: ‘You are never given the live you wanted/planned’. So you can’t get bent out of shape if things aren’t always going your way. Just make the best out of what you’re given…if life gives you lemons…make lemonade, sell it, enjoy some of it yourself and make a profit from the sales. HAHA!

Whether this truely is the “last year” of existence (according to the Mayan Calendar) or not, treat it like it is. Treat everyone as if it’s your last day on earth, and treat them as you would like to be treated as well…with love, compassion and most importantly: EQUALITY. No one man is better than another just because of his or her social status, income, color, sexuality or beliefs. Treat your neighbor as you would want you and your family to be treated. If you wouldn’t want someone to discriminate against you because of color or social status…then DON’T by any means laugh in the face of hypocrisy as you judge or discriminate against someone else because of their sexuality (or any other form of discrimination). This isn’t me preaching to you, this is a simple form of common sense. Please use it in the new year.

Thanks again to anyone who has ever supported me this year and any other years before this. I seriously couldn’t thank you ALL enough for continuing to let me live my dreams.

Peace, love and success to you all in the New Year. Have fun and be safe…look forward to rocking with all of you in 2012!



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