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Statement regarding my performance at the MAMA Awards

When executive producer Beth Kille of the MAMA’s (Madison Area Music Association) asked me to perform at the MAMA Awards this year, I was completely honored and excited for the opportunity. It was under wraps for some months and it was very hard to keep it a secret. This was definitely one of the more prestigious performances I’ve been asked to do and I was looking forward to it for a long time. Originally we were scheduled to perform at the end of the night but due to scheduling conflicts with my violinist, we had to reschedule our slot (they wanted to do sound check in reverse order, so the final act would sound check first and the opening act would sound check last. We needed the later sound check time to ensure my violinist remained a part of the performance). I didn’t care if we were opening the show or going on later in the evening, that is irrelevant, I was just happy to be there. However, when starting a show, more times than not, you’re likely going to run into issues on stage regarding sound and kinks that have not been worked out yet. And that is exactly what happened during our performance. Two times during our performance, an issue arose that I still can’t pinpoint because it’s something I’ve never experienced on stage before. Originally I referred to it as a flange in my monitor signal, but I think it was more than a flange… It was more like an extreme delay. And it came and went 2 different times during our performance. It was something we didn’t experience or have an issue with during sound check and every person on stage with me can vouch for the problem. There was also a point where my drummer lost his monitor signal. In lamens terms: We had multiple issues with the sound on stage (in our personal monitors) which made it almost impossible at times to follow along with our track and it was reflected in the performance. Being a perfectionist and holding this opportunity in high regard, it’s safe to say I was completely flustered and disappointed. But it happens. That’s the way the cookie crumbles sometimes. As a professional performer you need to be able to roll with punches while maintaining composure and that’s what my team did. I’m proud of them and we appreciate the opportunity presented to us. I’m blessed to have the people on my team that I do.

Hats off to Beth Kille and the MAMA’s. They produced an excellent show. I was impressed with everything and had a great time with my people last night.

Thank you Beth and the MAMA’s for considering us and having us this year, it was truly an honor and a memory to cherish forever.

rip mama

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