‘Must Have Been’

* DISCLAIMER* This album was produced prior to me dedicating my music, talents, and life fully to The Lord. Please understand that my values are no longer in line with the content on this album (or anything dated pre-2017) and that I no longer make worldly secular music. Thank you for your understanding and continued support. – Rip

Artist: Rip
Song Title: Must Have Been
Album: Sellout (Re-Release – 2013)

Yeah. This song right here…goes out to anyone..who feels like..they’ve ever been deceived. Yeah

[Verse 1]:

I know this story bout this boy he met a girl that make the veterans
who think they know it all, still wanna strive to be a better man
his head is saying to shut her out, his heart is saying to let in her
his boys are saying don’t, but the girls are saying to ‘get her man’.
when his friends and family ever asked him what she’s like
all he had was ‘she’s the one’ for the first time in his life
for the first time he was like, I can finally see my wife
and I’m not messing this up I’mma do this thing right
he was never traditional building business and wealth
had a vision with a misses only missin her help
he would love unconditional through the sickness and health
even if he had to wheel her down the aisle by himself.

It must have been love, but it’s over now
It must have good, but I lost it somehow
It must have been love, but it’s over now
From the moment we touched, til the time had run out

[Verse 2]
Sometimes he has a hard time showing he cares
when deep inside he sick n tired of playing musical chairs
he wanna show her to the world and let em know that she’s his
secretly wishing she’s be at every show that he did
and hope she know’s that all these h**s, they mean nothing to him
introduce her to the bros and show she something to him
f**k a Grammy or a plaque, she was something to win
like an angel straight from heaven let the good times begin
the apple of his eye, most beautiful in existence
he would cherish her faithfully it don’t matter the distance
sharing visions of the future it’s like nothing was missing
I’m talkin total devotion, the boy was straight on a mission
they could never get bored, spending hours on the phone
conversations in the car til early hours of the morn
the best love that they’ve known, like they’ll never be alone
but you know what they say ‘every rose has a thorn’


[verse 3]

Yeah she told him that she loved him man, all the heavy things
be the mother of his children, his soul, his everything
yeah she knew it in her heart and said she’d never leave
til a couple weeks later said she needed room to breath
she was all he ever wanted, would be all he ever flaunted
so he put it on the line, couldn’t live life being haunted…
with regrets, he gave his best and covered all of his bases
til she started looking for attention in all the wrong places
playin games, being stubborn, from the winter til summer
til he had nothing left except confusion and wonder
how it all came crashing down like a stock that just plummet
now he can’t look at her picture without knots in his stomach
and even thought he knew he’d be the best man for her
gotta know when to pick up the pieces move it forward
had it in his head all along what it would have been
now they’ll never know what it could have been…


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