* DISCLAIMER* This album was produced prior to me dedicating my music, talents, and life fully to The Lord. Please understand that my values are no longer in line with the content on this album (or anything dated pre-2017) and that I no longer make worldly secular music. Thank you for your understanding and continued support. – Rip

Artist: Rip & A.N.T.
Song Title: Dreamgirl
Album: Sellout (2012)


You are my Dreamgirl, they say you’re bad for me
But you’re the one that I see in my fantasies
The better half of me, you are like majesty
Life is chess I could win if I had a Queen

[Verse 1 – Rip]:

Oh!! My life is perfect with you in it, I’m grinnin’
cuz us together makes me stronger just like Popeye and his spinach
And we in it for the long haul, you know we could win it
Got my Queen it’s a privilege, move about with no limits
You’re like a dream but I live it, you’re such a beautiful image
I must be R-E-M except I’m not losing my religion
Fairytale that was written, very well with no actors
Just the girl of my dreams, and a happy ever after



You’re my Dreamgiiiiiiiiiiiiiirl
You’re my Dreamgiiiiiiiiiiiiirl

[Verse 2]

Dreamin’ so vivid, said you want it I’ll give it
That good life we gon’ live it, cruisin’ on the Pacific
You deserve it and more, sippin drinks on the shore
Feeling you to the core, exactly what I’m looking for
Giving you the best, but you just want the best of me
You spoil me with your loyalty, you got that recipe
and I’ll keep it a secret…cuz it’s my treasure
I’m feelin you now, wanna love you forever
They say you’re bad for me, I told em they just had to see
And once they do they’ll know it’s you,
so how could they be mad at me?
No ‘us’ would be a tragedy,
It’s fate I know it has to be
Not what I thought that love was, but what is love actually?


Yeah yeah….
But you’re the one….in my fantasies
So cinematic
You are like majesty
Life is chess I could win if I had a Queen

[Verse 3 – Rip]:

Well I…
Never met another girl like you..
that’ll make a dude feel that he really gotta have it
Fine like a thread in some fabric, so I snag it, ooooo…
Soo cinematic.
You’re the baddest when you go psychosomatic
attaractive even when you’re mad at me
Gotta be from another galaxy body of a Goddess
50 Shades of grey your anatomy.
And I really don’t care what they say,
Gonna back em in a corner when I play
Kingdoms unite like UK,
Then get em in check…mate.


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