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Dog Agility Park to open in Waukegan in memory of Justin Mentell

Dog Agility park to open up back in my hometown of Waukegan, IL. It is named after Alicia Mentell and her son, Justin Mentell, who was a friend of mine and drummer who I worked with on my last 2 albums (“La di da”, “Take Me Home”, “Hate That I Love You”) before his untimely passing a few years ago.

Dog Flyer

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Working on “Making A Sellout” Documentary DVD & “Sellout” Re-Release

A majority of my posts are news related updates or press releases, but I wanted to take a minute out to write to you all personally from the heart. Last October I released my sophomore album “Sellout”. I did a limited hard release and focused majorly on it’s digital release on iTunes (which it is still available on). When I first released it, I knew I was going to re-release it again in the future (via hard copy) with a Documentary and a few bonus tracks (DVD/CD combo pack).

Right now I am in the stages of having the Documentary (“Making a Sellout”) produced. It is off at the writer who is penning it as we speak, and then it will go to a Voice Over artist to narrate the story. Aside from a little more material I need from some family members, a majority of the interviews (family, friends, people I have worked with etc) have been recorded as well. Then it goes to editing. I must admit, I am SUPER geeked to release this project! Like I have been geeking the hell out for real while shopping for Voice over artists….just envisioning someone telling me story to the masses. Yesterday I reached out to Jim Forbes (…he is the guy who narrates VH1’s “Behind The Music”. It would be AWESOME to have someone like him narrate my story. Whether I hear back from him or could even afford him is one thing, but just reaching out to him geeked me out. Like Michael Jordan always says: “I can’t accept not trying”.

I have also finished one of the bonus tracks for my “Sellout” album re-release. The name of the song is “Must Have Been” and I just released a Music Video for it as well. You can head over to my YouTube page to check it out. I have 1 or 2 more bonus tracks to finish up for the re-release and then everything will be done.

I hope to release the project in a couple months time tops and will have a release date soon!!!

Thanks to all my supporters for sticking with me all these years! I really think you are going to like this next release! Cuz I LOVE working on it!




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“Must Have Been” is a new single and video released by recording artist Rip, which will be available on the re-release of his “Sellout” album which is coming soon!!! The re-release of the album will come in a CD/DVD combo pack along with Rip’s “Making a Sellout” documentary. “Must Have Been” marks Rip’s 13th music video.

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Rip releases new Music Video for “Supernatural”

Today Recording Artist ‘Rip’ releases a music video for his new single “Supernatural”. It is Rip’s first music video promoting a song on his new album, “Sellout”, since releasing it on October 16, 2012. It also marks his 10th official Music Video on his YouTube page. The video is the first of his to include a multitude of visual effects which took 5 different visual effects artists to produce. The song is produced by Rip himself and features co-production from certified Gold producer DJ Pain 1.

“Supernatural” is the opening track on Rip’s new album “Sellout” which is available now on iTunes from Island Def Jam

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Recording Artist Rip sets digital release date for sophomore album “Sellout”

September 4, 2012 – Today Producer, DJ & Recording Artist, Rip, has set a digital release date for the follow up to his 2010 debut album “Fashionably Late”. “Sellout”, which is Rip’s sophomore effort, is set to be released digitally on Tuesday, October 16, 2012. The album will be available on iTunes and other online digital retailers from Island Def Jam. An official pressed copy of the album will be available later this year or early 2013 when Rip releases his full length documentary titled “The Making of a Sellout” on DVD. The album and DVD will be packaged together and will document his journey towards success starting from when he started his label in 2000 until now.

“Sellout” boasts features from the late artist, actor and friend, Justin Mentell, as well as Augie Zibell from acclaimed country band Madison County to name a few. It features the singles: #LML, Musical Chairs, Hate That I Love You, Kissin In The Dark & Supernatural. Production on the album is handled by Rip himself, a working DJ, and certified Gold Producer DJ Pain 1 (50 Cent, Young Jeezy).

“Sellout” will be available on iTunes Tuesday, October 16, 2012, from Island Def Jam. A “Sellout” album sampler will be available in the new few weeks. Rip’s debut album “Fashioably Late” is available now.


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