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Giving Thanks of Thanksgiving

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Giving Thanks…

Here is my official Thanksgiving Day post giving thanks: God has been extremely good to me this year. So thank You God for all of your continued blessings. As stressful as things can get for me financially & the workload of things that always need to be done, I #LML right now and what I do. I honestly wouldn’t be doing anything else (well…maybe touring the world to promote a Platinum selling/Grammy Award winning album…buut ya know, in due time…HAHA). Anyone can always have or make more money, but what’s important is being able to enjoy your life with the means and people you have in it now. I have a handful of great friends that I feel like I can turn to for anything, and for them I couldn’t be more thankful. Doing what I do, it’s hard to have real friends who want a genuine relationship with you for who you are rather than what you can do for them. But my true friends I appreciate more than anything. From my old friends in grade school who are still with me after all these years, to the new people I meet where we both can open up around each other and be ourselves and say what’s on our mind without worrying about being judged by the other. I am thankful for my family who has been very supportive with my music the past few years, my brothers who have drove multiple hours to help me with video shoots & events. I have my Health, very thankful for that!! Thanks to my uncle who has been a ROCK on my Dads side of the family going above and beyond what most humans are even capable of. Thank you Jerry for helping my Mom out with everything. And last but not least, I couldn’t be more thankful for ANYONE who has EVER supported me and my music career! If you simply bought any of my music, or came to a show or to help out with a video (which there are SOOO many of you out there who have been helpful with my videos…probably close to 100 of you by now)! You guys lent me your time because you believe in me, and I honestly can’t put in words what THAT in itself means to me!! There are times where I hit bumps in the road with this music stuff, and it’s people like YOU that I think about that keep me going. I would NEVER EVER make all of your money, time, efforts and beliefs in me go in vain!!! You guys make my world go ’round. Thanks to anyone who has hired/subcontracted me to do any work for you this past year. I appreciate it greatly. Thank you ALL…I love you ALL very much!! Thanks for being a part of my life. Here’s to another great year….

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