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Catch 22

The catch 22 of my life – I am succesful (in my own right..maybe not monetarily yet), I absolutely LOVE everything I am doing and accomplishing right now in life. I have my health…great family and friends…God has been very VERY good to me the past few years…sometimes I ask why? The ONLY thing to complete my success right now is Love (which I believe is the ultimate success in life…more than any amount of $). The Catch?? I have absolutely very little to no time, money or resources to give in a relationship right now. One of the biggest things my past GF’s have been attracted to in my past is my drive and deterimination…knowing I can and will do (or have done) whatever I set my mind to. So my question is…if my work ethic and drive is what they’re attracted to…yet, because of it, I have no time for does one even win!? How does one seriously win in a situation like this? I know what people are going to say too cuz I already heard it a million times: “balance the 2 out”. How do you balance it out!? Then your career gets 50% and your girl gets 50%. Is that fair to either one!? If I choose to give my career my all…i enjoy that success alone and share it with no one. If I choose to give a girl my all…I give up on something im so passionate about (which is one of the things the attract women)…then I lose my determination to succeed…and become succesful with “Love”. But am I really “succesful” if I am no longer pursuing what I love in life!? Its a lose lose situation I been battling the last decade of my life. Which is why…when people ask me for advice on a music career…I tell them from the bottom of my heart…get out now before you’re in too deep like me.

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