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Rip & Nicky Gracious Live at Victory Church in Fort Worth, Texas on their “Stand Up Be Delivered” Tour (9.16.22)

Miss Nicky Gracious & Rip on their “Stand Up Be Delivered” tour?? Curious to know what their show may entail on future dates? Check out this live performance captured at Victory Church in Fort Worth Texas on September 16, 2022!

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Honduras 2019 (THANK YOU)

I want to thank my Honduran family and people, Door Creek Church, our High School Ministry, students & family as well as all the people who donated and prayed for this mission trip to #Honduras. This is not even a fraction of the amazing work that was done by team 1 on week 1 (of 2). It was a trip that no amount of video or words could ever articulate. It changed my life and I am forever grateful for my #DoorCreekChurch team and all those that supported this trip and helped make a difference. Thank you all for letting us serve you. 🙏🇭🇳💓

Josh “Rip”

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SE7EN Series – The Deadliest Sin of All (Door Creek Church High School)

Check out my message as I kick off our SE7EN series at DCC HSN about the 7 Deadly Sins. This is my first lesson ever taught as a High School Youth Leader at Door Creek Church (Madison, WI)!!!

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