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#SelloutSunday (Ep. 9) – Bucketlist item – Learn Drums

This past week I was visiting family and my cousins’ husband Ray and his son Briggs taught me how to start playing the drums. This is something I always wanted to learn and check off the bucketlist. Granted, I have a lot more practicing to do…but you gotta start somewhere! Check it out on this weeks episode of #SelloutSunday !

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#SelloutSunday (Ep. 8) – Assembling Press Kit for Summer Festivals

This week on #SelloutSunday I assemble some Press Kits for SummerFest and other local festivals that I want to play this summer.

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#SelloutSunday (Ep. 7) – “Life Never Goes According to Plan” (Encouragement)

This week on #SelloutSunday, I briefly re-iterate how life never goes according to plan, no matter how much you plan your life out. I know a lot of people, including myself, who are currently going through situations in life where they never thought they’d be. This is just a friendly reminder that we are all in the same boat

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#SelloutSunday (Ep. 5) – “What U Gonna Do” Behind the Scenes preview

This week I’ve been working on finishing my “What U Gonna Do” Music Video so for this weeks #SelloutSunday episode, I give you a behind the scenes look and preview of the video which is coming soon!!!

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“What U Gonna Do” Music Video coming soon!!!

“Sometimes your very own worst enemy…is yourself”.

What U Gonna Do‘ Music Video COMING SOON!!!


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Sellout Sunday (Ep. 3) – Rip Interview at 91.7 WSUM (Madison, WI)

This week on Sellout Sunday I take you along on an interview at 91.7 WSUM Madison, WI. Check it out!

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TUNE IN to Rip on 91.7 WSUM in Madison, WI tonight (1.15.14)!

Tonight Rip will be on 91.7 WSUM in Madison, WI with “DJ of the Year” MAMA (Madison Area Music Award) winner DJ Kayla Kush at 8pm CST! He will be mixing live, as well as premiering his new single “What U Gonna Do” and talking about his 5 Madison Hip-Hop Awards, the release of his “Making of a Sellout” documentary, his new music video and much much more!! Make sure to tune in! You can stream live online as well at: www.wsum.org

FB Event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/1440193749543035/


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“Madison Hip-Hop Awards” plaque came in!!

5 Time winner!!!



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Goodbye 2013: Best year of my career; Welcome 2014

In the last 13 years of my career, since launching RiP Records in 2000…I don’t think I’ve ever hit a point that I could look back on my music career and say “this was my best year yet”. In 2013: I DJ’d over 150 shows, released my “Dreamgirl” music video, released my “Must Have Been” music video, released a full feature length documentary/film “The Making of a Sellout”, re-released my “Sellout” album with all new bonus tracks, performed at some of the most coveted shows in Madison, WI: The Dane County Fair, Taste of Madison and the Orpheum with Lupe Fiasco. I was nominated for 8 Madison Hip-Hop Awards and took home 5 in one night…more than any other artist in the awards show history! And just yesterday I was asked to perform at the MAMA’s (Madison Area Music Awards) in 2014 as well as being a nominee for some awards. There is one sentence that could sum up 2013: This was the best year of my career; God has been EXTREMELY good to me.

And although it has been good to me, I still went home for the holidays realizing how my Mom and family is still struggling and how I have so much more work to do. I have yet to finish what I started. Although I am coming off the best year of my career to date, I have yet to hit my peak. I’ve lost some people this year but also met some great new people as well.

So unlike every other rapper on this planet who claims “This is my/our year!” on January 1st, Imma do what I did last year. Keep my mouth shut and let me actions do all the talking.

Starting the first Sunday in 2014 I will be releasing a new weekly web series on my YouTube page called “Sellout Sundays”. Make sure you subscribe now: www.YouTube.com/RipRecords

Happy New Year to you and yours, I wish you all prosperity in 2014.


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“The Making of a Sellout” Official Movie

And without further adieu, here it is everybody…my “Making of a Sellout” movie premiere!!! Happy Thanksgiving from my Family to yours!!! I am thankful for one thing this year…and that is all of God’s continued blessings in my life. He has been more than good to me this year. Have a blessed and great Thanksgiving!


(If this story has inspired you in any way, please feel free to share it)

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