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What’s the hype with Kendrick Lamar?

Can someone explain the big deal/hype behind Kendrick Lamar to me?? I think I have ONE song of his in my DJ catalogue, “Swimming Pools” I believe, and I never played it cuz it was garbage. I actually missed the Grammys this year cuz I was busy filming a music video, consequently on my journey to winning my own Grammy, so I never got to see what unfolded, just heard the aftermath. But I never understood the hype, nor have I heard anything to Wow my socks off (like Eminems “Rap God”). I honestly don’t care if he’s “more lyrical” than Macklemore. People winning the Pop and Country awards didn’t win their awards cuz they were “more lyrical” than their competitors….they won cuz they make good music and have a popular movement (actually don’t get me started on the political popularity contest the Grammys are). Macklemore….accept that award with pride and stop swingin on Kendricks nuts…Or if u feel he deserves it THAT MUCH, then give him yours, which you won’t.


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