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The past few weeks I have been growing a deeper respect, admiration and appreciation for women. Not that I have never have respected or appreciated women before, but I think as I age I am starting to really sit back and let things soak in. Let me explain what I have really been realizing alot lately:Women are the driving force of our species. They are the ones who bare children, and for the most part…raise the kids of our society (whether the father is still in the picture or not). It really takes ALOT for someone to raise another human being into adulthood….so think about all the single mothers out there who do it on their own. My own mother recently just passed her motorcycle test at the DMV and I haven’t seen her this ecstatic or make a big deal about something like this probably my whole life. Reason being..she was busy raising 4 kids on her own for the majority of her life, as a single mother, waiting tables. She got pregnant when she was 19 and spent the next quarter century+ of her life raising her boys the best she knew how, which meant little time for self fulfillment. I am soo happy my mom is finally able to finally enjoy and live her life for HER. Last Sunday in Church I was looking around and seeing some of the mothers who were at church with just their children…and I started thinking…whether these woman are married or not, at the end of the day, THEY are the ones raising these kids, getting them ready in the morning and making sure they are at church on time, every Sunday. Whether a man is out making a living or not and supporting the family…at the end of the day…THE WOMAN is the one getting the kids up in the morning, SHE is the one getting them ready for school, taking them to the doctor, taking them to church, making all their appointments, raising them, cooking their meals, washing their clothes and in most cases STILL working a 9-5 (just to name a few). Face it…in this society…most women are working…whether their husband supports the family or not. And if they’re makes it even that much harder. The idea of a “stay at home mom” is a concept of the past and I think as time goes on, it will be just that..a thing of the past. Face it..WOMEN are stronger than men.

Maybe not physically…but Mentally, Emotionally and spiritually I DEFINITELY think women are the stronger sexes of the human race without a doubt and I commend them highly for it. I have to be honest with you…unless I absolutely had NO choice what so ever…I don’t think I could EVER do what a woman does as far as being strong and raising kids in this day and age, especially on my own. And even if I had no choice at all and I absolutely HAD to raise a kid on my own and had no option to fail…I still think a woman would have the patience, endurance, love, strength and mental capability to do a better job than I ever could.

The last girl I dated had 2 kids…and I watched in admiration every day as she got up at 6am to make sure those kids were fed, clothed, off to school as she hurried off to work a 9-5 herself…all in the name of her kids as she pushed her goals in life to the backburner. I was happy to help out in any way that I could…but at the end of the day…she had to remain the driving force of raising those kids…before, during and even after me. Another girl I dated before that had a kid as well…and she made sure her kid was taken care of too before anything.

I can’t tell you how much I admire you women out there, ESPECIALLY the single mothers…I DEFINITELY see how much work it takes to be a Mother in this world…and to you mothers out there who are doing your best to raise children, I tip my hat to you all for being the strongest humans I know!


Josh “Rip”


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