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Rip feat. $INcere – “Show’s Over” [Official Music Video]

Rip feat. $INcere – “What U Gonna Do” [Official Music Video]

“The Making of a Sellout” [Official feature length film]

Who is Rip?? Find out 11.26.13:

Rip – Making of a Sellout [Teaser Trailer]:

Rip – Must Have Been (Official Music Video):

Rip – Dreamgirl (Official Music Video):

Rip – Supernatural (Official Music Video):

Rip – Clip @ ‘Sellout’ Album Release Party:’]

Rip – Musical Chairs (Official Music Video):

Rip – #LML (Official Music Video):

Behind the Scenes – Rip in the studio with certified Gold Producer DJ Pain 1:

Rip – Interview on 91.7 WSUM (Madison, WI) – Talks about “Sellout” Album:

Rip – Hate That I Love You (Official Music Video):

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Rip – Kissin In The Dark (Behind the scenes):

Rip – Kissin In The Dark (Official Music Video & Short Film):

Rip – Unbreakable (Official Music Video):

Rip – Back From The Future (Official Music Video):

Rip – Yes (Official Music Video):

Rip – Watchin Me (Official Music Video):

Rip – Hollywood (Official Music Video):

Briggs – 7 Year Old Drummer Covering “Back From The Future”:

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