‘Watchin Me’

* DISCLAIMER* This album was produced prior to me dedicating my music, talents, and life fully to The Lord. Please understand that my values are no longer in line with the content on this album (or anything dated pre-2017) and that I no longer make worldly secular music. Thank you for your understanding and continued support. – Rip

Artist: Rip
Featuring: Brian Urso
Song: Watchin Me
Album: Fashionably Late (2010)


[Male (Brian Urso)]
From across the room I; I see You watching Me
I know you see me watching you, Ooh ooh ohh

From across the room I; I see You watching Me
I know you see me watching you, Ooh ooh ohh

[Rip Verse 1]
A little bit late but I’m finally here
Had to step it up like I’m walkin up stairs
With your girl on my arm and a cup full of beer
Gettin drunk in here and in luck interferes the heey…
Who am I to turn her away?
Listen up I got something to say…
My bad that it took all day, aye aye aye
You there, with the blue hair
What I gotta do here to make you move
Say you got a crew here, shorty who cares
Just do what you do
Say you had two beers, drink like it’s New Years
This one’s for you
Cause you standing like you can get it
Ask around girl, and they’ll tell you how I rip it

[Hook x2]

[Rip Verse 2]
This party is so gnarly
Everywhere you smell that Bob Marley
Everybody acting so retardy
Sippin Bacardi with a chick like Barbi
But I’m more equipped than Ken
And she got a poker face so I’m goin all in
But when I poke her face then I choke her face
And that motivates us to procreate, Heeey
Patron got us all getting naked
And we gotta stay high like spaceships
But you know I got you covered like blankets
Gonna party like it’s college man
I hope somebody tapes it
Swag on point like lasers
Take you home and record like a blank disk
I’m not sure what this is but I drank it
Gonna party til the morning, everybody getting faded

[Hook x2]

[Rip Bridge]
And I don’t wanna go to class, I wanna Party!
And I don’t wanna go to work, I wanna Party!
And I don’t wanna grow up, I wanna Party!
And I don’t want this night to end, I wanna Party!

[Rip Verse 3]
I can see you watching me
Who else would you be looking at?
I’m gonna take everything I want
Give me that, give me this
Give me this, give me that
Now sit on my lap
And tilt your head back
We kiss and we chat
And after this it’s a wrap

[Hook x2]

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