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Rip is up for 6 Madison HipHop Awards this year!!!

Rip is up for 6 awards this year at the 4th annual Madison HipHop Awards! We can’t win without your support and votes!!! Your participation also helps Non Profit Organizations (like Boys & Girls club) in Madison. To cast your votes, go here for all the voting information:

Awards Rip is up for:

1. Artist of the year: Rip

2. Song of the year: “Must Have Been”:

3. Video of the year: “Supernatural”:

4. Album of the year: “Sellout”

5. Collab of the year: Rip feat. ANT “Dreamgirl”

6. Producer of the Year

Again WE CAN’T WIN THIS WITHOUT YOUR VOTES!! So please head over to:

To cast your votes. And tell a friend!!!

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