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NEW WEB SERIES – “Sellout Sunday” (Episode 1) Premiere

Starting today, I will be releasing a weekly web series on my YouTube page called “Sellout Sunday”. The series will include an inside look of my life and what I may have going on that week; I’ll be sharing life experiences, tips, tricks, advice, behind the scenes exclusives and more! So make sure you subscribe to my YouTube page and watch every Sunday in 2014!

Sorry this one came a little late in the day, hopefully future ones will comes earlier in the day!!

EPISODE 1 (1/5/13) – “How To Avoid Being Single”

Description: What better way to start the New Year than with a ‘Self Help’ video?? Throughout January I will be releasing self help videos here on ‘Sellout Sunday’ to try and help you better yourself and motivate you to become the best you that you can be this year. This week’s episode I talk about some factors as to why you may still be single and what you can do to better yourself and put yourself in a better position to be more desirable. Check out Episode 1 now and make sure you subscribe to my YouTube page!!

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