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Robyn’s Hood & The Queens of Thieves (Official Movie Trailer)

Official Trailer to Robyn’s Hood & The Queen’s of Thieves movie I did with 608TV/So Grateful Films; coming to the Market Square Theater (Madison, WI) Friday October 30, 2015 @ 7:00pm !!!

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Robyn’s Hood (Official Movie Teaser)

I’ve been quiet all summer, but for good reason. I’ve been filming my first feature length film! Check out this teaser for Robyn’s Hood…movie coming soon!!

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GoFundMe fundraiser for Aprina Paul movie

In 2013, 18 year old Aprina Paul from Madison, WI answered an ad on Craigslist not knowing who or what lay on the other end. She was never to be seen from again. Her body was found in a home in Evansville, WI burned to the point where authorities couldn’t prove a murder.

Writer/Director Rafael Ragland and I have been asked by the mother of Aprina to make a movie on this story in hopes of raising awareness of the dangers of internet dating & preventing something like this from happening again.

We are looking to raise $10,000 to cover production costs to tell this story.

Production costs that will be incurred during filming: Wardrobe, makeup, travel expenses, Production Assistants, crew, talent, props. Sound/Audio production & engineering, equipment (upgrades + new), locations, promotion/marketing and more.

For more info on this story, please visit the following links:

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My cruise to the Bahamas

Check out some documented footage of my recent trip to the Bahamas. Was a fun time, especially snorkeling and bantering with the locals at the marketplace

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#SelloutSunday (Ep 52) – 2014 Year In Review (Final Episode)

And here it is. The final episode ever of #SelloutSunday, my weekly webisode in 2014. Take a look back on 2014 in this Year In Review video and final episode of Sellout Sunday. Thanks all for watching.

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#SelloutSunday (Ep 51) – Best Gift for Christmas

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Giving Thanks of Thanksgiving

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@ChicagoBears fans are to blame for their current state!

This week I go on a very logical rant after the @ChicagoBears pretty much lost the season after their loss in Green Bay on Sunday Nov 9th!

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Rip releases final music video from Sellout album, “Show’s Over”

After 3 long years of promoting his “Sellout” album with 9 different music videos, it is time to release the final music video from it and finally put the album in the past! It’s been one heck of a journey. Thanks to all those who supported the ‘Sellout‘ album as well as the re-release including the ‘Making of a Sellout‘ documentary. On to the next chapter… #ShowsOver

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#SelloutSunday (Ep 44) – Rip’s Top 5 Tips For Aspiring Musicians

RAPPERS, SINGERS, ARTISTS, MUSICIANS in general!!!! This week on ‪#‎SelloutSunday‬ I released my TOP 5 tips for budding musicians. Over the years I’ve learned so many things about the music industry and now I see many people making the same exact mistakes I used to make. So check out this video for my top 5 tips on how to be successful with your music career!

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