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Rip thanking DJ Pain 1 & Performing “Supernatural” @ ‘Sellout’ Album Release Party

Check out a little preview of what went down at Rip’s “Sellout” album release party last Friday October 19th 2012. DJ Pain 1 (who produced half of the album) stopped out. Also check out Rip performing the intro track to the album “Supernatural”.

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Recording Artist ‘Rip’ releases sophomore solo album “Sellout”

October 16, 2012 – Today Recording Artist Rip releases his sophomore solo album, “Sellout”, which is the follow up to his debut solo album, “Fashionably Late”, which was released in 2010. “Sellout” boasts production from certified Gold Producer DJ Pain 1, and from Rip himself, also a DJ & Producer. The album, which took 14 months to record, features B96 Award Winning DJ Alan “Baddmixx” Boyd, Augie Zibell of country band ‘Madison County’ and the late actor/artist/musician Justin Mentell (Boston Legal, Disney’s G-Force), on drums, to name a few.

The album has a contemporary Hip-Pop sound to it and features commercial ability with songs like “Dreamgirl”, “#LML”, “Musical Chairs”, “Higher” & “Never Gonna Stop The Party”. It also shows Rip’s frustration with the music industry on songs like “Freak Show”, “Sellout” & “Show’s Over”, as well as showcases vulnerability & heartbreak on songs like “Hate That I Love You” & “Pebble”.

The album, which has only been released digitally for now, will be officially released via hard copy early next year when Rip releases the album in conjunction with a documentary he is currently working on. The documentary, “Making a Sellout”, will be a full length feature film which will be released on DVD in early 2013, and will document Rip’s 12 year career in the music business, starting when he first created his own label, RiP Records, in 2000, while he was still in High School.

Rip is celebrating the release of this album with a performance and album release party at JB’s in Sun Prairie, WI, on Friday, October 19th, 2012, at 9pm. His sophomore album, “Sellout”, and debut album, “Fashionably Late”, are available now on iTunes and other online digital retailers from Island Def Jam (label of Justin Bieber, Rihanna, Kanye West).



Rip - Sellout

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1 week away from “Sellout”! Here is a Mashup!

Hey everyone, ONE WEEK FROM TODAY (on 10.16.12) My sophomore album “Sellout” will be released!! So to kick off the 1 week countdown I have a little something for you all…a MASHUP of my song “Dreamgirl” vs Justin Biebers “As Long As You Love Me”. The vocals on this mashup are from a song called “Dreamgirl” off my new album “Sellout” which will be available 10.16.12! CHECK IT OUT, SHARE IT!!


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Rip “Musical Chairs” Official Music Video Released!

It’s here! My new 50’s style Music Video for “Musical Chairs”!! This song is off my new album “Sellout” which will be available on iTunes 10-16-012!!

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Teaser Video Clip of “Musical Chairs” Music Video

Just thought I’d drop yall a quick teaser snippet of the video 😉

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Behind the scene pix on set of “Musical Chairs” Music Video

Check out some candid behind the scenes footage of Rip’s “Musical Chairs” 50’s style Music Video which was filmed at the Highway 18 outdoor theater in Jefferson, WI this past Thurs Sept 13.

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Rip releases new music video for #LML

Today Recording Artist Rip releases a music video for his lead single #LML off of his forthcoming sophomore album entitled ‘Sellout’ which is due out later this summer.

“Sellout” release date to be announced soon!

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Pix from #LML Music Video shoot (Day #2)

Check out some candid pix from the #LML Music Video shoot.

#LML Music Video has a tentative online release date of Tues July 3, 2012!


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Rip releases lead single #LML

Recording Artist ‘Rip’ Releases new single #LML
Reflects on journey that led to it.

May 25, 2012 — Why would a kid who grew up in a struggling, single mother household, whose brother was murdered the same day his step dad walked out, and who was in therapy all before his 14th birthday come up with a song titled #LML (acronym for “Love My Life” or “Loving My Life”)? Today Recording Artist ‘Rip’ releases his lead single “#LML” from his forthcoming sophomore album entitled “Sellout”.

Rip grew up in a single mother, 2 bedroom household with 3 other brothers in a city just north of Chicago, IL called Waukegan. Enrolled in a failing public school district where Rip’s Caucasian ethnicity was the minority, odds of overcoming adversity stacked up against him. Dreams seemed like just that; dreams. “I clearly remember instances where my mom had to take a cash advance from her Visa just to pay the mortgage, and people from church always having to help out with fixing things on the house or helping buy groceries during holidays and even donating cars to the family” he explains. By the time he was 14 years old he experienced his mother go through 2 divorces, his brother being murdered and was in therapy for being a problem child. “I’ve experienced almost everything from seeing disconnection notices on the fridge to being ashamed that I was eligible for free lunches in school because of my mom’s income, so I would wait until all my friends got their lunches before I would get in line to get mine. It didn’t help that I was surrounded by gangs and drugs in school either.” It was around this time when he started experimenting with his love for music. He started off DJ’ing at 14, which turned into a love for recording himself freestyling to instrumentals on the B side of records, which then turned into a desire to produce his own original music. While still in High School, Rip created his own record label, RiP Records, and launched his website in 2000, before even earning a diploma. Still plagued by some of the ‘worst times of his life’, Rip remained focused on music as it was his only hope. By 19 he was diagnosed with depression by a psychiatrist, and within the next 3 years he would lose his #1 supporter– his grandmother, a potential child and his father suffered a massive stroke, who in turn lost his house due to the family’s inability to provide payments. Fast forward to 2010 where Rip was finally able to release his debut solo album “Fashionably Late”, a decade after starting his record label, RiP Records, in high school. With the mentality and outlook that his worst times in life are behind him, he is now able to fully focus on what he loves more than anything: Music. “When I decided to launch my label, and made the decision that this will be my life with no option to fail or plan B, I put nothing else ahead of my music career. I’ve sacrificed so many things including time with family and have lost many girlfriends along the way as well. I’ve invested every spare penny I have for that last 12 years into my career. Quitting isn’t even an option, it wasn’t an option half a decade ago” he explains.

So the answer still remains. Coming from the adverse conditions that he did, how does one write a song called ‘#LML’ (“Love My Life”)? Rip answers: “Coming from what I came from, it doesn’t take much to actually love and appreciate life. I’m making a living doing what I love right now, and since my brothers and I are all grown and out of the house, my mother is no longer struggling to raise all four of us by herself. I’m living my dream right now and that’s pretty much my recipe to enjoying life, no matter how little money I have. Do what you love and live within your means. I guarantee you happiness and you’ll love your life too,” he proclaims.

As far as his new album “Sellout”, he explains: “When you grow up like I did, ‘selling out’ isn’t compromising any beliefs to get ahead in life, it’s simply not wanting to go back to a life that you don’t want you or your future kids to ever have to live. That’s my opinion.
‘#LML’ marks the third release from the album but is the first lead radio single being released. The up-tempo dance/pop sounding track is one of the few tracks on the album which is produced by Rip himself, who is also a working DJ/Producer in-the-know of what’s hot in today’s market. Most of the other tracks on the album are produced by certified Gold producer DJ Pain 1. In a market that is oversaturated with artists trying to make it, success comes down to two things: being able to market and set yourself apart, and knowing how to make a hit record. Rip’s sophomore album “Sellout” is due out Summer of 2012.


BUY NOW ON iTunes –

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New snippet/preview of my single #LML which is on my new album “Sellout” (due Summer 2012)

Check it out!

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