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Goodbye 2013: Best year of my career; Welcome 2014

In the last 13 years of my career, since launching RiP Records in 2000…I don’t think I’ve ever hit a point that I could look back on my music career and say “this was my best year yet”. In 2013: I DJ’d over 150 shows, released my “Dreamgirl” music video, released my “Must Have Been” music video, released a full feature length documentary/film “The Making of a Sellout”, re-released my “Sellout” album with all new bonus tracks, performed at some of the most coveted shows in Madison, WI: The Dane County Fair, Taste of Madison and the Orpheum with Lupe Fiasco. I was nominated for 8 Madison Hip-Hop Awards and took home 5 in one night…more than any other artist in the awards show history! And just yesterday I was asked to perform at the MAMA’s (Madison Area Music Awards) in 2014 as well as being a nominee for some awards. There is one sentence that could sum up 2013: This was the best year of my career; God has been EXTREMELY good to me.

And although it has been good to me, I still went home for the holidays realizing how my Mom and family is still struggling and how I have so much more work to do. I have yet to finish what I started. Although I am coming off the best year of my career to date, I have yet to hit my peak. I’ve lost some people this year but also met some great new people as well.

So unlike every other rapper on this planet who claims “This is my/our year!” on January 1st, Imma do what I did last year. Keep my mouth shut and let me actions do all the talking.

Starting the first Sunday in 2014 I will be releasing a new weekly web series on my YouTube page called “Sellout Sundays”. Make sure you subscribe now:

Happy New Year to you and yours, I wish you all prosperity in 2014.


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Rant from an avid yet frustrated Bears fan…

Look…I don’t hate Cutler…I never did. In fact I was pro Cutler for the longest time; I was on his side even when he had shit WR’s and a shit O-Line. But I just don’t think he has the heart anymore and he’s definitely not in his prime; I also don’t think he is a leader…in fact I’ve never seen that quality from him. Trestman, if you know what’s best for you…your team…and your city…start McCown. OH….AND OVERHAUL YOUR DEFENSE!!!!!!!


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Had wisdom teeth removed

Alright, so last Friday night I started having some crazy wisdom tooth pain. Had to deal with it all weekend (as no dentist was open on weekends). Called a dentist first thing Monday morning. For the last few years, my dentist has been telling me to get them removed (I only had 3: Two on top, one on bottom #freak), but I have been putting it off MAINLY because I have to pay out of pocket; I don’t have any insurance. The teeth never really gave me any problems….until last Friday (see pic of my wisdom tooth here: The pain got to the point where ‘it was time’.

So thankfully, by the Grace of God and some good friends (one who is a dental assistant), I got in at 11am on Monday morning. An exam ensued, X-Rays were taken and I was referred to an oral surgeon that day (thankfully for a real reasonable price as well). By Wednesday morning I was having wisdom teeth removed. I was also fortunate enough to find a company (Care Credit) to finance my removal (I can’t afford this ish all at once!!!). Dentist & oral surgeon consultation was about $150 combined and oral surgery was $1,000. With meds and everything, it was probably close to $1,250 in total for 2 bothersome wisdom teeth to be removed. Now I just have to find a way to pay it off in 6 months to avoid the cray cray 27% APR!! #DAFUQ !?

Long story short: Minus the hurt it caused my pockets, It was probably the most ideal wisdom tooth surgery in the history of wisdom teeth removal. All I had in my head was the dread, the pain, the horror stories…but in all honesty, I was in and out and it was painless. They numbed my mouth with novocaine, gave me some gas and the upper two teeth were extracted in literally :30 seconds (I left the bottom one in). My recovery has been astounding. Again, no pain, no complications, nothing. It was NOTHING like I anticipated, which was horror. I took 2 days to relax, ate soft foods and by Friday night I was out there working again.

All you ever hear are the horror stories of wisdom tooth removal, so being the positive person that I am…I wanted to share my positive, successful, painless experience!

Pic of my x-ray’s:


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Need wisdom teeth removed

This past weekend I been going through an ordeal. My wisdom teeth have been coming in now more than ever causing me some excruciating pain. About 4 years ago my dentist took an xray of my mouth and noticed I had 3 impacted wisdom teeth (no 4th) and advised me to have them removed soon. Being the stubborn person I am, WITHOUT any insurance, I put it off…they never really bothered me much. Til recently. About a year or so ago..they started slowly breaking through my gums in the back of my mouth. This last Friday…they REALLY started coming through. Now I don’t know how many of y’all saw my documentary, but I’m a lil older than the average age where people’s wisdom teeth come in. Long story short, this weekend has been hell for me. Can barely open my mouth fully to eat, it hurts that bad. Only time I been in worse pain was when I dislocated my foot and broke my ankle at 19 tryna do some dumb shit on a skateboard. I was being a baby all weekend. Either way, I’m calling a dentist first thing Mon morning (so in like 4 hours). I was on the phone with my Mom earlier talking to her about it and she reminded me of a simple truth: There’s people who have it WAY worse than I do…cancer patients etc…people who would kill to be in my shoes. And it’s true…I am blessed and shouldn’t take the simple things for granted. Especially now during the holiday season..these are the times I really realize that there are a ton more people in this world who have it WAY worse than I do. And I never have problems giving to the less fortunate. Stay posted for updates on my wisdom teeth…

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New website layout & design

What up y’all…I was going to wait until the New Year, but I figured why wait!? We now have a new layout and design for! Hopefully it’s easier to move around on. And I’m also hoping to post more blog posts come 2014, so stay posted!! And if you haven’t grabbed my new “Sellout” CD/DVD…what are you waiting for!!??


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