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Rip dances MJ’s “Beat It”

So last night I hit the dance studio for the first time EVER in my life! I have plans on doing a dance routine for one of my upcoming songs/music videos, so my good friends Angelique and Sincere are helping out choreograph some moves (They are both featured singers on my “Sellout” album as well…Angelique is on ‘Supernatural’ and ‘Never Gonna Stop The Party’ and Sincere is on ‘Show’s Over’).

While I was there I wanted to learn how to dance MJ’s “Beat It”. It’s something I always wanted to learn and was on my bucketlist, so they taught me. I haven’t perfected it quite yet, but check it out…not too shabby for my first time ever in a dance studio and learning it in less than an hour! Check us out being stupid!! 😀


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