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Catch 22

The catch 22 of my life – I am succesful (in my own right..maybe not monetarily yet), I absolutely LOVE everything I am doing and accomplishing right now in life. I have my health…great family and friends…God has been very VERY good to me the past few years…sometimes I ask why? The ONLY thing to complete my success right now is Love (which I believe is the ultimate success in life…more than any amount of $). The Catch?? I have absolutely very little to no time, money or resources to give in a relationship right now. One of the biggest things my past GF’s have been attracted to in my past is my drive and deterimination…knowing I can and will do (or have done) whatever I set my mind to. So my question is…if my work ethic and drive is what they’re attracted to…yet, because of it, I have no time for does one even win!? How does one seriously win in a situation like this? I know what people are going to say too cuz I already heard it a million times: “balance the 2 out”. How do you balance it out!? Then your career gets 50% and your girl gets 50%. Is that fair to either one!? If I choose to give my career my all…i enjoy that success alone and share it with no one. If I choose to give a girl my all…I give up on something im so passionate about (which is one of the things the attract women)…then I lose my determination to succeed…and become succesful with “Love”. But am I really “succesful” if I am no longer pursuing what I love in life!? Its a lose lose situation I been battling the last decade of my life. Which is why…when people ask me for advice on a music career…I tell them from the bottom of my heart…get out now before you’re in too deep like me.

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So many good songs out there right now that I’m feeling…

Check out some of my favorites right now:

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DJ “Baddmixx” Birthday Bash this Friday October 7, 2011 in Waukegan, IL

For those who don’t know…my hommie DJ Baddmixx is not only a personal friend of mine who helped me out when I was going through some tough times, he ALSO played an instrumental AND influential role in my career. ANYONE in the northern IL area this weekend, please come out and support his Birthday. I won’t be able to make it, but if you could come through and show him some love we here at RiP Records would all appreciate it greatly. The event is held Fri Oct. 7, 2011 at St. Joseph Hall in Waukegan, IL.

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